Hundreds Rally to Protest Infanticide Following Radical Abortion Bills

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by David Nussman  •  •  March 6, 2019   

Pro-lifers around the country turn out at pro-abortion senators' offices

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DETROIT ( - Pro-lifers rallied in major U.S. cities after lawmakers refused to offer legal protection for babies born alive after attempted abortions.

Students for Life of America (SFLA) announced a series of pro-life rallies outside the offices of pro-abortion members of Congress who voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, a bill which would have required abortionists to provide medical care to babies born alive after failed abortion attempts. The bill was shot down in the U.S. Senate on Feb. 25, when supporters of the bill did not obtain the 60 votes necessary to end a filibuster.

Many of the anti-infanticide rallies took place Tuesday. At the rally outside Sen. Sherrod Brown's (D-Ohio) Columbus office Tuesday night, pro-abortion counterprotesters showed up. According to a tweet posted Wednesday by SFLA, the pro-abortion counterprotesters were so profane and disruptive that the police were called.

An article Wednesday by SLFA elaborated further. A handful of pro-abortion feminists tried to disrupt a speech by Klara McKee, SFLA's regional coordinator and a rape survivor, according to SLFA's report.

McKee said, "During my speech, a group called Feminist Flag Corps came and started to become disruptive. The group came with 5–10 protesters who started chanting at us with profanity as well as starting to use a siren."

She noted, "They also were chanting things like, 'Who's the killer, you're the killer, you're the one who killed Dr. Tiller. We found that one of their favorite lines was, 'Nobody is killing babies, shut the f*** up pro-life crazies,' in front of children."


Pro-lifers outside Sen. Amy Klobuchar's office in

Minneapolis on Tuesday.

SFLA also shared video of the incident on Twitter (warning: vulgar language). The end of the video clip shows pro-abortion activists blasting loud siren sounds on their megaphones to prevent a pro-life speaker from being heard.

In coordination with other pro-life groups, SFLA organized "Resist Infanticide" rallies at the offices of several key Democratic senators who refused to protect newborn babies from infanticide.

On Tuesday, there were Resist Infanticide rallies at the offices of Sen. Sherrod Brown in Cincinnati and Columbus at 6 p.m. ET; at California Sen. Kamala Harris' Los Angeles office at 12 p.m. PT; and at Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar's office in Minneapolis at 11 a.m. CT. For Wednesday, there was a rally scheduled outside Sen. Cory Booker's office in Camden, New Jersey.

The Facebook event page for each of these rallies had hundreds of people saying they were "Interested" and dozens saying they were "Going."

Live Action reported on a March 1 statement from SFLA that said, "[A] new poll finds that 80% of Americans want limits on abortion. Furthermore, only 7% of Millennials, the supposed base of the Democratic Party, agree with their platform on abortion. That is why the Pro-Life Generation will be rallying and holding Senators accountable for their vote."

The U.S. Senate's failure to protect babies born alive after abortion attempts came after state lawmakers in several states showed support for infanticide.

In New York, Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an abortion law on Jan. 22 that strengthened existing pro-abortion legislation and removed protections for newborn abortion survivors. After Cuomo signed off on the law, many called for his official excommunication, but Cdl. Timothy Dolan of the New York archdiocese rejected calls to excommunicate Cuomo.

Democratic lawmakers in Virginia have also shown support for allowing infanticide against newborn abortion survivors. Virginia's governor, Ralph Northam, defended infanticide on a radio show on Jan. 30.

After these remarks, Northam found himself at the center of nationwide controversy as an old yearbook entry for Northam included a picture of a man in blackface standing next to someone in a Ku Klux Klan costume.

Northam did not offer a consistent explanation for the photo. He admitted he once did something similar to blackface as part of a Michael Jackson impersonation contest. During a press conference, the governor's wife had to stop him from demonstrating his imitation of Michael Jackson's "moonwalk" dance move.

In Rhode Island, a bill that passed committee vote Tuesday would decriminalize abortion up to birth.

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