Santa Fe Archbishop Softens Church Teaching in Critical Toss-Up State

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by Church Militant  •  •  November 5, 2016   

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SANTA FE ( - The archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico issued a statement reprimanding a parish priest who warned the faithful about voting for a pro-abortion candidate.

Father Larry Brito of St. Anne's Parish in Santa Fe recently issued a letter to parishioners telling them not to vote "representatives into office who are 'Pro-Abortion' or as they sheepishly call themselves 'Pro-Choice.'"

His ordinary, Abp. John Wester, shortly afterwards countered by posting this statement on the archdiocesan website:

As we near the finish line of this election cycle that ends on Tuesday, November 8th, it is understandable that emotions are running high. This is certainly true for those of us who care deeply about the sanctity of human life, particularly vulnerable human life in the womb. Yet these emotions do not give us license to espouse positions that do not embrace the full moral teaching of our Catholic tradition.

New Mexico is currently a critical toss-up state. With more than 380,000 New Mexicans being Catholic, a clear teaching could swing the vote to Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Albuquerque Journal interpreted the archbishop's statements "to emphasize that abortion is just one thing for a Catholic voter to consider in a complex political world."

Archbishop Wester, appointed to Santa Fe only one year ago, has a history of questionable actions. As bishop of Salt Lake City from 2007–2015, he allowed pro-homosexual and pro-abort Jean Welch Hill to run the Peace and Justice Ministry. Hill recently went on record to push the seamless garment argument:

Despite a tendency to oversimplify our pro-life beliefs, being a pro-life Catholic involves much more than saying "no" to abortion. In fact, protecting life requires us to be concerned about multiple issues, including economics, racism, criminal justice, immigration, health care, poverty and climate change.

In 2013, he expressed support for an LGBT bill that "adds sexual orientation to the list of protected classes against whom employers and landlords cannot discriminate."

"[W]e felt that this legislation honored the rights of both the LGBT community as well as the religious community," Wester had remarked at the time. "It allowed us to have our beliefs in the public square and to have people in the LGBT community not being discriminated against in such basic things as housing and employment. We felt it was in line with our Catholic social teaching."

Similar legislation in other states has been used to force Christian-run businesses to promote or participate in the LGBT agenda, against their religious beliefs.


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