Detroit Archbishop Dodges Gay Question in McCarrick Statement

by Trey Elmore  •  •  August 13, 2018   

Repeats Church teaching on chastity while allowing gay Masses and gay priests in archdiocese

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DETROIT ( - Detroit Abp. Allen Vigneron has raised more questions than he has answered with his recent statement on the McCarrick homosexual abuse bombshell. Released on Aug. 13, the letter makes multiple references to "sins against chastity" committed by Church leaders, without naming precisely what they are: crimes involving rape and harassment of seminarians by Abp. Theodore McCarrick, covered up by fellow bishops.

The statement makes no mention of the homosexual nature of the abuse of seminarians and priests, but refers to "chastity" or being "chaste" seven times, "rape" zero times, "children" two times and "seminarians" and "adults" zero times, indicating a lack of understanding of the issue: homosexual predation of vulnerable adults.

Vigneron also referenced remarks by Pope St. John Paul II in 2002 in which the Holy Father called for clarity in teaching on matters of sexual morality by the world's bishops. Vigneron then stated in his letter: "Here, in this address to you, I renew my resolve to be the sort of good shepherd I hear St. John Paul calling for me to be. I owe that not only to you and to the Church, but to Christ himself."

The archbishop continued, "To cover over, not to mention dissenting from, one part of Christ's vision for chaste living is to weaken every other dimension of that sexual purity Christ demands of his followers."

Church Militant contacted the archdiocese of Detroit to inquire as to how this resolve applies when it comes to the pro-gay Dignity Mass it allows in its archdiocese. The archdiocese has not responded as of press time. The gay Mass is held every week at the chapel at Marygrove College, moved there in 1997 from an archdiocesan parish. The Dignity Mass has been celebrated by priests of the archdiocese since 1974, making it the longest-running gay Mass in the country.

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, notorious for promoting the LGBT agenda, presided over the 39th anniversary Mass of the dissident group in 2013. Catholic faithful were present outside to protest.

DignityUSA was founded by Fr. Pat Nidorf in 1969. Dignity, along with the Vatican-condemned group New Ways Ministry, rejects Church teaching on homosexuality, namely the need for chastity.

The Detroit archdiocese is gearing up for a fundraising drive to raise $220 million as part of its "Unleash the Gospel" campaign.

Since the revelations of McCarrick's abuse of seminarians while bishop of Metuchen and Newark, Church leaders have issued statements insisting they are surprised and knew nothing. Cardinal Kevin Farrell has been roundly mocked for claiming he was "shocked" by the revelations, despite living with McCarrick for six years. He offered a similar response in 2016 when questioned about his association with sexual predator Fr. Marcial Maciel, saying he had only met him "once or twice" during his time in the Legion of Christ. His record, however, shows he had met Maciel multiple times as general administrator and a member of his trusted inner circle.

Cardinal Sean O'Malley issued a carefully worded statement about having never "personally received" a 2015 letter containing abuse allegations against McCarrick. Church Militant reported that the late sex abuse expert Richard Sipe had also sent O'Malley a letter in 2016 with even more graphic details of McCarrick's homosexual predation.

The same letter was sent to San Diego Bp. Robert McElroy, who responded with silence. McElroy is a leading liberal voice in the Church, known for pushing homosexuality.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church refers to the sin of Sodom as one of the four sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. In paragraph 2357, the Catechism describes same-sex attraction as "intrinsically disordered" in its treatment of the Sixth Commandment.

This is also the language of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in its 1975 document Persona Humana: "In Sacred Scripture they are condemned as a serious depravity and even presented as the sad consequence of rejecting God."


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