Are Adopted Children ‘Props’ for Amy Coney Barrett?

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by Pamela Linz Lang  •  •  October 19, 2020   

How low can leftists go?

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You know, I don't really want to get pulled into this discussion of white racism. It doesn't take a lot of contemplation to understand that the subject is being used as a wedge in the most virulently contested presidential race in American history. Every dirty trick that could possibly be unearthed is being used, and "racism" is No. 1 in that regard, as the constant focus on the antics of Marxist/socialist Black Lives Matter attests! But dragging Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett's Haitian-born children into this political circus has sufficiently irritated me into speaking up.

Amy Coney Barrett's family

Articles are appearing in the lame-brain media accusing Barrett of using her children as "props." That she finds such comments "offensive and hurtful" is obviously understood, especially by my husband, my adopted black children and me. When Judge Barrett answers such accusations that she is a "white colonist" for adopting her two children, she rightfully calls the comments "cruel."

Most likely, the people who are making these allegations couldn't really mean them; they couldn't be that stupid, but they could be that political. They may as well start criticizing her for not aborting her Down Syndrome baby, like more than 90% of mothers in her position do in America. After all, isn't one of the selling points for abortion the relief for situations like genetic abnormality? Don't be surprised if such a criticism surfaces — after all, how low can they go?

Even staff who clerked for liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg endorse Amy Coney Barrett

Boston University professor Ibram Kendi tweeted, upon learning of Barrett's nomination, that "Some White colonizers 'adopted' Black children" to use them "as props in their lifelong pictures of denial," and he opined that people who adopt transracially believe that having a child of color insulates them and "they can't be called racist."

Apparently, they can be called "racist" if they are conservative, Catholic or nominated by Donald J. Trump.

It should make Mr. Kendi's head spin to know that our adopted kids, now all raised to adulthood, all vote and support President Trump. The fear that a truly integrated society, one without artificial divisions such as race, economic status, and class, would not be vulnerable to the divisive tactics of Marxist ideology — that is the real catalyst for these inane comments by Democrat activists.

Perhaps there are some people who adopt children to virtue signal or advance some utopian ideology, but I haven't met them. Our reason was simply infertility and the desire for a family.

Apparently, they can be called 'racist' if they are Conservative, Catholic or nominated by Donald J. Trump.

Race didn't seem to be such a big deal when we began bringing our babies home ... and that was 40 years ago! Has our society really gone that backward since the infusion of socialist darkness during the Obama tenure? In all our years of parenting, there have been some, but very few, run-ins with overt racism towards our family, and for every person that perhaps quietly shuns us, there are 10 who want to be our friends and support us. That has overwhelmingly been our experience in a racially mixed family.

It concerns me that this political mudslinging on the subject of race will discourage couples considering enhancing their own families by including a racially different adopted child. That, truly, would be a tragedy.

Pamela Linz Lang, housewife and mother, grew up in Maryland as a Catholic schoolgirl and holds a degree in English from Rutgers University. She married husband T. J. Lang in 1973. Together, they have 4 grown children (two homeschooled), 5 grandchildren, 10 chickens, 5 rabbits, and a cat.
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