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by Joseph Enders  •  •  November 11, 2022   

Midterm results show many too numb to care

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In a fierce demonstration of political might, the GOP has again proven it can manage to blow an election against all odds. And in all honesty, it wasn't the jelly-bellied fat cats and neocons at the Republican National Committee this time. This one's on Donald Trump and his failed political movement. 

Donald J. Trump

Before anyone says it, let's be clear: MAGA offers the best political solution for the United States. Donald Trump is a Republican with a proven track record of effectively fighting cultural Marxism and societal decay. MAGA pushes for nearly every economic, social and cultural solution that would truly "Make America Great Again."

Comfortably Numb

That said, the MAGA vision faces an enemy it could never hope to vanquish using electoral politics — the dopamine-addicted American public. And can you really blame them for rejecting the unbridled truth? Roughly four generations have spent the better part of two decades binge-watching Netflix, tapping on their phone until their retinas burn and watching pornography every night before bed.

Why would anyone think Americans are going to lay down their lives for their country and prevent the Marxist takeover of our elections by dictator-in-chief Joe Biden? Take a look at the results. Republicans underperformed with the MAGA message of justice for the stolen 2020 election, securing the borders and ending Biden's destructive economic policies.

Sen.-Elect John Fetterman and opponent Mehmet Oz

It was supposed to be a blowout, yet (necessarily excluding the aftershock of 9/11) Joe Biden's party had the highest retention rate in Congress of any sitting president since Bill Clinton in 1998. Voters chose the backwoods brush ape, John Fetterman, in Pennsylvania over a somewhat conservative and extremely famous TV star, Mehmet Oz. Stew on this: There is now a man in the Senate who can't even speak in complete sentences. It's all because he has "Democrat" after his name.

It's not because of money, cheating or even the overturn of Roe v. Wade. The sad fact is, what's left of the American electorate just doesn't care. The Silent Generation's last hurrah elected Trump in 2016, but millions of them are dead now. The war-torn, Depression-era Americans who knew actual suffering are no longer a formidable force in American politics, and they'll continue disappearing every election cycle.

MAGA Republicans get it, but no one else seems to.

For the other generations, things are just too comfortable. These sunken-eyed marshmallow puffs have no sense of what it means to be an American patriot. Wimpy MAGA warriors simply aren't hardened enough to take any meaningful action against Biden's regime. They never will. That, and only that, is why the movement is an utter failure.

Virginia's Gov. Glenn Youngkin

Why support strong, charismatic leaders with real solutions like Donald Trump when you have safe postcard Republicans like Virginia's Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who offers a wholesome picture of his family in goose-down zip-up vests and blue jeans?

Distracted American voters are so busy bathing in creature comforts that they'll all settle for whomever the GOP plops in front of them. 

"He looks like us," they say. "He promised to fix education," they'll shriek.

Yet what they'll get is a spineless loser who hires LGBT staffers who support gay marriage and who also refuses to block unconstitutional vaccine and mask mandates. MAGA Republicans get it, but no one else seems to. 

President Trump ought to realize this: These people don't want the answers; they want to feel good about the candidate they vote for, and the mean tweets make voting for Trump impossible. This is an unfortunate reality. Any principled voter ought to appreciate the barefaced truth he delivers in the face of impossible adversity. It's admirable, but Americans will admire the safe Republican over the dangerous mean-tweeter in the world of porn on demand, TikTok and Taco 12-packs.

Bring On the Pain

It's nice to think humans are all willing to serve a higher purpose and fight for justice for justice's sake. But let's get real. People don't push for major political change until an insurmountable crisis hits. Even the Bolsheviks didn't rise to power in Russia until almost 2 million of their people died in World War I. At home and on the front, people were starving to death while enduring one of the worst flu pandemics in human history.

News Report: Big Gay Politics

That's the type of suffering that provokes dramatic political reactions and social revolutions, not 8% inflation and $4 per gallon gas. Why would it? Biden is worth dealing with so long as you can veg out on the couch and watch Marvel movies. Things are going just well enough for someone to change nothing and survive. And that's why the Jan. 6 raid on the Capitol was just a flash in the pan.

It's beginning to look like Trump 2024 is a fruitless endeavor — not because Trump failed but because the American people have failed him. They will always hate him for telling them uncomfortable truths.

Rainbow fentanyl

History will look kindly at Trump's warnings of illegal immigration once states are flooded with fentanyl and heroin, and suburbs are transformed into narco states. Historians will fondly recall his last-ditch effort to liberate the Midwest's working class while fighting to fund opposition to the new Chinese global superpower. They might even erect a statue in his honor at some obscure park in Philadelphia, reminding them of a time before it was a crime-ridden wasteland. 

Sadly, this will not happen until Americans experience true suffering — Russian peasant-tier suffering, to be exact. They will follow their neoliberal pied pipers into slavery and, eventually, death. This slow march off the fiscal cliff is only the beginning. The flutes whistling the tune of hedonism will obfuscate any sense of what's really happening in the mind of the average voter, and the good men who foretell the implosion will just be caught in the crossfire.

Find victory in the Cross, not in politics.

The election results provide one glimmer of hope: The cliff is closer now, and falling off it is probably the best chance to awaken America's dopamine fiends — to get them out of their comfortable stupor and back on the path of righteousness.

In the meantime, conservatives ought to get married, have a ton of kids and save souls. Find victory in the Cross, not in politics.

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