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by Aidan O'Connor  •  •  August 26, 2021   

US military is marking unvaccinated soldiers

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FORT POLK, La. ( - The U.S. Military is forcing soldiers in Louisiana to wear wristbands distinguishing the unvaccinated from the vaccinated.


Colored wristbands display vaccination status

(Photo: Army/Pvt. Jonathan D. Vitale)

The Army's Joint Readiness Training Center (or JRTC) at Fort Polk is requiring troops to wear red paper wristbands if they are not vaccinated. Soldiers who have received the abortion-tainted jab are allowed to wear a green wristband instead.

"The only thing that is happening with these armbands is that we're being threatened with punitive actions if we lose our paper bands," reported one soldier currently at Fort Polk. The soldier remains anonymous to avoid retaliation and fears his superiors are scrutinizing leaders who refuse the shot. 

A JRTC spokesman affirmed reports about the wristbands: "Soldiers of 54th SFAB, supporting units and observer coach trainers, as well as anyone supporting the rotation, will wear wristbands denoting COVID vaccination status."

Troops immediately began posting images on social media, sounding an alarm over the vaccine tagging. One soldier posted a photo of his red wristband with the caption, "The armbands for vaxxed/non-vaxxed has [sic] begun."

Another soldier from the Air Force posted a similar picture of his vaccine label, noting, "Mine was blue."

JRTC's official Facebook page features pictures of troops training with visible wristbands, clearly indicating their vaccination status. 

Robby Starbuck, a candidate for Tennessee's House of Representatives, slammed the COVID-jab wristband order on Aug. 19: 

Another commenter responded to the military vaccine policy: "So ... first you're going to mandate the vaccine for folks who work on post under penalty of losing their jobs."

I'm going to draw a six-pointed star on mine just to remind anyone who still has any sense left what is really going on here.

The critic then blasted vaccine incentives used throughout the United States to encourage the jab: "Then you're going to try to bribe them with a lottery? I'm disappointed, sir."

The responder quipped, "The red and green armbands are a nice touch too. I'm going to draw a six-pointed star on mine just to remind anyone who still has any sense left what is really going on here."

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The commenter, along with other critics, is drawing a comparison between JRTC's COVID wristbands and the yellow stars worn by Jews during the Holocaust. Karen Harradine, a Jewish writer, also laid out this comparison when speaking with Church Militant.

"We are witnessing a horror unfolding with parallels to Nazi Germany in the 1930s. The Nazis also liked to divide people as 'clean' and 'unclean,' insisting they were keeping Germans 'safe,'" explained Harradine.

Yellow stars worn by Jews during the Holocaust

The United Kingdom's National Holocaust Centre recounts, "Jewish people were forced to wear identifiers such as Star of David armbands or badges." The center explains, "The intention was to isolate, harass and humiliate Jewish people, and further embedded Nazi ideology that Jewish people were different from everyone else by marking them out from the rest of the population."

Israel has been one of the leaders in mass vaccination during the China-virus pandemic, placing strict mandates on its unvaccinated citizens. Many Jews protested the government's harsh regulations, equating the country's vaccine passport to the World War II–era Star of David worn by their grandparents.

While it appears only a remote few U.S. soldiers have to wear their vaccine bands so far, these orders from Fort Polk are part of a larger movement to get Americans jabbed. 

On Wednesday, the secretary of defense mandated the abortion-tainted jabs for all military personnel. This mandate comes a few days after the FDA approved Pfizer's COVID-19 shot on Monday.

Earlier this year, around one-third of U.S. troops refused to receive the experimental jab. As of last month, 70% of the forces had received a shot.

With FDA approval, jab mandates and vaccine-status wristbands being foisted on American troops, pressure is mounting on soldiers to get the shot. 

Many American bishops are refusing to provide letters of exemption from the abortion-tainted shots.

The military does allow U.S. troops who object to receiving the vaccine to seek a religious exemption. But many American bishops are refusing to provide letters of exemption from the abortion-tainted shots.

Some legal experts, however, insist that "any request for an accommodation of religious beliefs," is protected at least by the U.S. Constitution and, on that basis, "does not need the endorsement of a religious official or institution."

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