AUSCP and Bishop Allies Support Homosexual Activism in St. Louis

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by Michael Hichborn  •  •  July 11, 2019   

Dissident priests are dragging the faithful to Hell

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All last week, The Lepanto Institute was on location at the Airport Marriott in St. Louis to observe and counter goings-on at the Association of US Catholic Priest's (AUSCP) 2019 Assembly.

Early in the week we were there, we exposed the fact that the AUSCP has officially and formally called for the ordination of women as Catholic priests. Other areas of concern regarding the AUSCP can be explored in the following other reports:

Our first day in St. Louis, we met with a number of faithful and deeply concerned St. Louis Catholics who organized a Rosary rally in reparation for the heresy spread at this conference. You can see clips from the Rosary rally here:

We were also blessed to have a priest from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter offer a Mass of reparation there in the same hotel.

On Tuesday, Michael Hichborn gave a talk to CREDO, a faithful St. Louis Catholic organization, on the current crisis in the Catholic Church and the enemies of the Cross of Christ. You can watch the video of this talk here:

During the Rosary rally, the AUSCP's media and communications specialist, Paul Leingang, approached us and was no doubt either recording the interactions or taking our pictures.

He immediately recognized me from my presence at last year's assembly, and he asked me why I had returned.

What I told him was nothing short of the truth: The AUSCP is spreading heresy, and I fear they are enticing souls to follow them into Hell. Of course, to him, this is all a matter of opinion, and he didn't want to discuss the matter any further.

One of the most concerning aspects of this AUSCP Assembly is active spread of false teachings coming from the AUSCP's sponsors and vendors. For instance, both New Ways Ministry and DignityUSA had booths with free heretical literature supporting notions that homosexual acts are not sinful, promoting dissent from legitimate Church authority and even advocating same-sex "marriage."

Read the rest at The Lepanto Institute.


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