Exposing the Magisterium of Fake Science

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  August 18, 2017   

Austin Ruse: "Churchmen are not immune from this new magisterium"

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Fake science heralded by fake news is giving cover to a leftist agenda that's setting policies inimical to Catholic morality. Austin Ruse debunks this fake science in his new book aptly titled, Fake Science: Exposing the Left's Skewed Statistics, Fuzzy Facts and Dodgy Data.

Church Militant reached out to Ruse, who said there's an "unholy alliance between fake science and fake news." In his book, Ruse draws readers to a greater awareness of this pseudoscience used by left-leaning establishment media as a hammer to bludgeon Catholic morality. In his book, Ruse notes, "The Left only seems to be interested in 'science' when it tells other people how to live their lives."

Ruse told Church Militant the top five assertions by fake science, which are attacking Catholic morals are:

  • That the world is about to end because of cataclysmic anthropomorphic global warming
  • That someone can be born into the wrong body
  • That the presence of married biological parents in the life of a child is a matter of indifference
  • That homosexuality is inborn and unchangeable
  • That human life does not begin at conception

Ruse exposes these errors and many others in his hard-hitting book that's full of pertinent data and historical facts.

Ruse is a devout Catholic and president of The Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam), a U.S. research institute that works with the U.N. Economic and Social Council. Ruse told Church Militant he wrote the book to arm "regular folks" with "some ammunition to fight back" the next time someone presented falsehoods as "settled science."

The book unveils many current errors of "science" which undermine morality. His book debunks "scientific" claims driving "transgenderism." This gender dysphoria he relates in his book to anorexia whereby "a 'transgender woman' looks at his male body in the mirror and sees a woman in just the same way as an anorexic girl looks in the mirror and sees her skeletal self as fat." He also calls out the so-called "settled science" claiming homosexuals are "born that way."

He writes that abortion, however, is the "most lied-about topic of any public policy issue in history." Almost every "scientific" claim on this topic, he writes, "is wrong, misleading or an outright lie." He adds, "The unborn child is a human being alive from the moment of conception. She does feel pain, and abortion does hurt her mother. Real science backs up these claims."

There is an unholy alliance between fake science and fake news.

Asked how fake science is confusing today's Catholics, Ruse responded:

Catholics of all kinds are fooled by the New Scientific Priesthood. This is further exacerbated as their own faith in Catholic teaching is weak. Sadly they will choose the new magisterium rather than the timeless truths of Holy Mother Church. Even more sadly, priests have bought into these false scientific claims that homosexuality is inborn and unchangeable for instance, and then spread these lies to the faithful.

He further noted that Catholic leaders are also being led astray by this fake science so heralded by fake news of the day. "Members of the hierarchy are human beings like the rest of us and therefore are not protected from believing our scientific betters," said Ruse. "Scientists are the new priesthood in our scientific age. And churchmen are not immune from this new magisterium."

In his book Ruse takes to task the leftist media and its complicit reporting of cherry-picked "facts" gleaned from the "scientific" community. He also shows how the same media readily ignore many inconvenient truths from well-established science:

Fake news gives oxygen to fake science. It is how so many people believe in catastrophic anthropomorphic global warming. It is how so many people now believe 20% of the population is homosexual. It is how transgenderism for children has become readily acceptable to so many of us. Fake news people will believe and trumpet whatever fake science tells them.

Ruse's book addresses the myriad errors and omissions presented as science by the liberal media, which is tilting public policy in an amoral direction. The book is chock-full of relevant facts, data, and context needed by the common man to withstand this two-pronged attack.

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