AZ’s Pro-Abortion Candidate Wants Early Senate Seat

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by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  •  September 25, 2020   

Battleground special election

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PHOENIX ( - Backed by the abortion lobby, the Democrat running for U.S. Senate in Arizona's special election wants the winner to fill the seat as soon as legally possible.

Late Sen. John McCain

Running against the Republican incumbent in a special election, Democrat contender Mark Kelly told ABC's The View on Wednesday that "once the vote is certified here in Arizona, in accordance with the law, that person should be promptly seated to work for Arizonians."

Kelly said this should be the case regardless of the winner, maintaining that Arizonians are "concerned about health care, pre-existing conditions. They're concerned about protecting Social Security and Medicare. So in accordance with the law, when the election is done, I think it's important that if I was to win that I get sworn."

Kelly's comments came in response to a question from one of the show's co-hosts.

"If the [Supreme Court Justice] confirmation process gets pushed past the election, and you win your race, you could be seated in the Senate in time to vote [for the Supreme Court nominee President Trump will soon name]," said the co-host, who then asked, "Have you given any thought to this scenario?" 

So in accordance with the law, when the election is done, I think it's important that if I was to win that I get sworn.

"Well, I've given it a little bit of thought," he responded, redirecting the focus: "I think what's first important to recognize is that this is to complete the term of Sen. John McCain."

Arizona governor Doug Ducey appointed Republican Martha McSally to fill the seat left empty after the late John McCain's appointed successor, Jon Kyl, resigned. The winner of this special election will complete the remaining two years in what was McCain's six-year term.


While Kelly said he has thought little of possibly voting for the Supreme Court nominee, he spoke of his wife's love for the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as well as what Ginsburg meant to his two daughters in terms of "women's rights and civil rights."

Incumbent Martha McSally

Abortion Lobby Backs Mark Kelly

NARAL Pro-Choice America (NARAL) endorses Democrat Mark Kelly and strongly opposes Martha McSally.

NARAL president Ilyse Hogue explained:

Martha McSally has backed Trump's reckless judicial nominees who are hell-bent on gutting Roe v. Wade and ending access to reproductive health care for millions of Americans. We're proud to endorse Mark Kelly's campaign because Arizonans deserve elected officials who fight for their values. Mark will stand up against these attacks because he understands that women, not politicians, should be able to make our own decisions about if, when and with whom to start and grow our families.

The nation's largest abortion chain announced in October 2019 its plans to spend millions of dollars for Mark Kelly to win. Planned Parenthood endorses Kelly, declaring on its website: "Mark Kelly is a retired astronaut who will fight nonstop to protect our health care because he understands the stakes for reproductive rights in the Grand Canyon State."

Kelly endorses presidential hopeful Joe Biden.

Martha McSally has backed Trump's reckless judicial nominees who are hell-bent on gutting Roe v. Wade.

In a tweet from March, Kelly said, "Joe Biden understands the challenges Arizonans face and knows what it's like to be knocked down, get back up and keep serving others."

"We need a president who will unite us and find common ground to get things done. That's why I'll be voting for Joe Biden," he added.

Cindy McCain — wife of the late John McCain, whom the Arizona Senate victor will replace — joined Kelly this week in endorsing Biden.

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