‘Back-Alley’ Balderdash

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by Nicholas Wylie  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  September 17, 2022   

Aborting the narrative

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A common tactic for foisting radical change onto society is straight-up lying. Whether it's critical race theory, the sexual revolution or so-called gender theory, it's all steeped in deceit.

In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Nick Wylie discusses some of the lies leftists use to push so-called abortion rights.

Marta Lamas, professor, National Autonomous University of Mexico: "At that time, I remember we women said, '100,000 women die from clandestine abortions.' It turns out that 100,000 people died in the whole country, men and women from all diseases. We inflated the figures."

In a recently discovered video, feminist activist Marta Lamas admitted the pro-abortion lobby uses false numbers to justify the legalization of child murder.

Feminists have often touted the verifiably false claim that legal and so-called safe abortion is necessary, so mothers don't die seeking other means of killing their babies.

Dr. Kathi Aultman M.D., former abortionist and medical director for Planned Parenthood: "The widespread belief that tens of thousands of women were dying from illegal abortions was a lie. The year before Roe v. Wade, 39 women died from illegal abortion, and 24 women died from legal abortion. In 1973, the year of Roe v. Wade, 19 women died from illegal abortion, and 25 women died from legal abortion."

Yet Marxists continue to offer false statistics in order to push their agenda. 

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.): "In the 1950s and '60s, two decades before Roe, deaths from illegal abortions in this country ran between 200,000 and 1.2 million. That's according to the Guttmacher Institute."

In actuality, The Guttmacher Institute reported those statistics were the total number of illegal abortions, not maternal deaths.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, an atheist abortionist turned Catholic pro-lifer, admitted the supposed 5,000 to 10,000 deaths per year from illegal abortions was a false statistic, and he knew it.

International abortion activist Dr. Malcolm Potts claimed, "Those who want the law to be liberalized will stress the hazards of illegal abortion and claim that hundreds or thousands of women die unnecessarily each year, when the actual number is far lower." 

Dr. Aultman: "With every abortion, I was harming a woman and killing a child. There's no such thing as a safe abortion. One person is killed, and the other is at risk for serious complications, including death."

Abortion is not safe, and it's certainly not healthcare. It's an industry built on lies that profits off killing the most vulnerable people in society. As St. Teresa of Calcutta once said, "Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love but to use any violence to get what it wants."

2,363 children in the United States are slaughtered through abortion each day.

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