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by Trey Blanton  •  •  November 3, 2020   

Scandal and destructive policies turn voters off

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The last two Democratic candidates just can't seem to hold it together to the end. Despite having popular support among an increasingly liberal nation, Church Militant's Trey Blanton shows us that Trump has the ground game necessary to pull out a win.

Joe Biden is fumbling the ball at the one-yard line. It was a disastrous debate where Trump countered, "What he is saying is he is going to destroy the oil industry." And his son Hunter's child-sex scandal appears to be helping Trump.

It isn't just the energy industry at risk in a Biden presidency: Millions more jobs are at stake for any product requiring oil in the manufacture or distribution.

Furthermore, if images released online are verified by law enforcement, drugs and sex with minors would be added to the list of corruption in the Biden family, beginning with financial abuse with foreign governments.

As polls tighten, a kind of buyers' remorse seems to be setting in with early voters who cast their ballots for Biden. Now trending is a change-my-vote campaign on social media.

The majority of the movement is located in states relying heavily on fossil fuel, including Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Georgia, Texas and Wisconsin.

Of these states, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania (key battleground states) allow voters to change their early mail-in vote based on state guidelines.

In 2016, Hillary held a decisive lead in the polls, which Trump narrowed closer to election day. Trump trailed Hillary by four in national polls, but on Nov. 8, the actual result was a Trump win since he had managed to narrow the national lead enough to pull out an electoral college victory.

Biden has slipped and stumbled in his policies and in his mental acuity. The Marxist media and Democratic leadership has spent years trying to undo the last election with phony investigations, impeachment proceedings, weaponizing a pandemic, wrecking the Trump economy and engaging in a continuous smear campaign.

Will it work?

Americans have a natural distrust of politicians, but as the deep state grows bolder, it becomes even more obvious how corrupt the Democrats are, which makes it easier to vote for an outsider like President Trump.

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