Baltimore Archbishop Continues Silence on LGBT Church

by Church Militant  •  •  October 17, 2018   

In spite of years of complaints, Abp. William Lori does little to stem pro-gay activism of St. Matthew parish

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By Diane Levero

On Saturday, June 16, photographer Tom Donohue snapped a photo of the "Faith Communities of Baltimore" marching in the city's 2018 Pride Parade. Among the signs identifying the various "faith communities" taking part was one naming St. Matthew Catholic Church in Baltimore.

One problem — Abp. William Lori had asked Fr. Joseph Muth, pastor of St. Matthew, that no signs identifying the parish be carried in the 2018 parade.


A marcher carries a St. Matthew Catholic Church sign in the

2018 Pride Parade in Baltimore.

The minutes of St. Matthew's LEAD (LGBT Educating and Affirming Diversity) Ministry meeting on June 10 report, under "Fr. Joe's Updates," that "Bishop [Denis] Madden has conveyed Archbishop Lori's request that no signs identifying St. Matthew parish be carried in the Gay Pride Parade on June 16."

The minutes go on to say that a LEAD member "will explore ordering T-shirts printed with 'St. Matthew Catholic Church—All Are Welcome' for parade participants."

Donohue's photo, part of 106 Baltimore Pride Parade pictures featured on the pro-homosexual website The Advocate shows that LEAD decided to ignore Lori's plea and march with the sign.

In addition to the St. Matthews' contingent, marching in the pride parade were nearly naked men wearing just jock straps, several women with only "pasties" covering their breasts, cross-dressers, drag queens and a large group from Planned Parenthood.

Condones Homosexual Acts

On Sept. 23, LEAD was one of many "ministries" at the Ministry Fair hosted by St. Matthew Church, featuring displays by various church ministries and encouraging people to join them. LEAD's booth offered flyers and brochures condoning and affirming homosexual behavior.

A brochure published by LEAD states that St. Matthew Church "envision[s] a society that embraces everyone, including those of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities."


A large banner on the back wall inside St. Matthew Church

welcomes lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender and

questioning people.

Citing "Jesus' command for us to love God and love one another above all things," it declares, under the heading "From Our Pastor" that LEAD is "A welcome center for LGBTQ+" and that "LEAD is Church. LEAD saves lives."

The brochure makes no mention of Church teaching of the sinfulness of homosexual behavior or of the need for those with homosexual inclinations to strive to lead chaste lives.

A handout card at LEAD's booth has a small rainbow-colored ribbon pinned to it with the message:

Please wear this ribbon

Solidarity Sunday!

Wear it everyday!

Solidarity Sunday

The Sunday before October 11

(National Coming Out Day)


The LEAD ministry booth at St. Matthew Church Ministry Fair

offers brochures condoning and affirming homosexual behavior.

The handout (and "Solidarity Sunday") are creations of DignityUSA, a homosexual advocacy group that explicitly condones homosexual sexual acts. A DignityUSA document expounds on the goodness of homosexual acts, declaring, "We reclaim our sexuality and its genital expression as intrinsically good."

Archbishop Continues Silence

Father Muth was active for years, until 2012, in New Ways Ministry, a group condemned in 1999 by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for its positions on homosexuality.


The LEAD Ministry booth

displays a photo of St.

Matthew's pastor, Fr. Joseph


He began LEAD in 2012. Since then, he has labored indefatigably to promote not only acceptance but outright approval of active homosexual behavior by both St. Matthew Church and the Catholic Church in general.

A Defend Life reporter went undercover to LEAD's monthly meeting in January 2016 and witnessed St. Matthew's pastor enthusiastically lead attendees in their approval, promotion of and, in some instances, self-proclaimed participation in active homosexual behavior.

Father Muth and LEAD, in violation of Catholic moral teaching, have condoned, celebrated and encouraged active homosexual behavior for years with virtually no objection from the archdiocese or from Abp. Lori.

While the crisis of clerical sexual abuse — mostly homosexual — and its cover-up by bishops and cardinals rages in the Church, the archbishop has stood by in silence, allowing a homosexual subculture to grow and thrive in his own archdiocese.

Republished with permission from Defend Life.

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