Baltimore Catholic High School Starts Love Club

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by Anita Carey  •  •  October 23, 2018   

John Carroll Catholic High School hides gay-friendly art from prospective parents

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BEL AIR, Md. ( - A Catholic high school is pushing the LGBT agenda but hides it from prospective families. 

John Carroll Catholic High School in Bel Air, Maryland promises to "provide a Catholic foundation of values," but last week, they tweeted a notice for their first meeting of the Love One Another Club. The club is also listed on their website as an extracurricular activity

An angry parent contacted Church Militant over the Twitter post, explaining there are no other Catholic high schools nearby. The school serves three counties: Hartford, Baltimore and Cecil, and the next nearest Catholic high school is over 30 miles away or is across state lines. 

Parents of students often sacrifice greatly to send their children for a Catholic education. Tuition for John Carroll is over $17,200 per year and multi-child discounts only amount to a $500 discount for each additional child.

Recent reports of pro-gay books, plays and even coursework from a number of Catholic schools would indicate this is a systemic problem within Catholic schools. When parents or media contact their bishop, the response from diocesan spokesmen is often not to comment on matters pertaining to private schools. 


Church Militant reached out to the archdiocese of Baltimore but have not heard back by press time.

In 2017, the school came under fire from gay activists for removing a gay pride painting during the school's open house.

In an article written by Alyssa Kraus on the Patriot, Tom Durkin, the principal, said it was taken down because it could make some prospective families uncomfortable. He told reporters at the time, "We didn't want things out that may bother someone."

He said he didn't see the pictures himself and they were taken down because of the image's public displays of affection.

"It doesn't matter what gender they are, we just wouldn't display that whatsoever," he said. 


Gay pride artwork by Nicole Kanaras

removed for 2017 Open House

(Photo credit: Alyssa Kraus)

Erin Stellmon, the art teacher, said she never mentioned the painting as a public display of affection and was instead "[k]eeping a clear vision of what our mission was that day." 

The student painter, Nicole Kanaras, said she didn't understand why it wasn't on display like it had been all year.

"The school focuses on loving one another, but the second people show it in a certain way, it isn't okay," she said. 

The decision was made by the director of enrollment, Edward Maynard, who said, "My take on it is that there could be families that could be offended by it, and we are a Catholic school, and we should put our best foot forward." 

The gay pride painting wasn't the only student artwork removed during open houses. One featuring a person being choked was also removed, and in 2016, they took down a painting with nudity. 

John Carroll Catholic High School will be having its open house on Saturday, Oct. 27. 

Church Militant reached out the staff at the school but has not received a reply to questions by press time. Church Militant was told Durkin is out of the country recruiting international students. 

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