New Steve Bannon Film Warns of Growing Chinese Espionage Threat

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by Stephen Wynne  •  •  August 26, 2019   

'Claws of the Red Dragon' exposes tech firm Huawei's Communist links

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NEW YORK ( - A new film by former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is sounding the alarm over China's encroachment into the high-tech industry.

Slated for release in September, Claws of the Red Dragon spotlights the relationship between telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Based on Canada's 2018 arrest of Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou, the film tells the story of Chinese-Canadian journalist Jane Li as she covers the detention of the CFO of a fictional Chinese tech firm Huaxing Hi-Tech and exposes the company's connections to the CCP.

For the United States and its allies, Bannon contends, Beijing poses a greater threat in the 21st century than Moscow did in the 20th: "Run by a radical cadre of the Chinese Communist Party, China's Communism today is the greatest existential threat the West has ever faced," he warned in a recent press release.

"Huawei, the technology and telecommunications arm of the CCP and the People's Liberation Army, is the greatest national security threat we have ever faced, as it is already in the process of a global tech domination via 5G and 6G," he added. "'Claws of the Red Dragon' is a seminal and timely work exposing the inner workings of the CCP and Huawei."

Right now, the path that Huawei has taken as a front for the PLA is to basically take over the networks and the components throughout the world.

Since its founding in 1987, Huawei has grown into the world's second-largest smartphone maker.

Headquartered in Shenzen, the "Silicon Valley of China," the company has been branded "a national security threat" by President Donald Trump — a claim echoed by U.S. intelligence sources, who warn the Communist regime could use Huawei hardware to spy on the United States and its allies.

According to a recent analysis, roughly 100 upper-level Huawei staffers are linked to Chinese military or intelligence bureaus. Before joining the firm, for example, former Huawei CEO Sun Yafang was employed by the Ministry of State Security, China's leading espionage agency.

Steve Bannon

The company has been accused of actively engaging in rampant intellectual property theft and espionage. Federal prosecutors have also charged Huawei with violating U.S. sanctions on Iran and with pilfering trade secrets from American competitor T-Mobile. The company has denied the allegations, insisting that it maintains a "zero-tolerance" policy on graft and corruption.

In spite of these protests, the United States, Australia and New Zealand have banned Huawei from work on 5G networks inside their countries. The Trump administration has banned government agencies from doing business with the firm and more than 100 of its affiliates. Last week, officials announced that private firms have 90 days to cut all ties with the company.

Bannon sees these steps as fundamental to preserving U.S. military and corporate security.

"The backbone of the future of technology is 5G, [it] will be a dominant technology," he told The Epoch Times last week.

"Right now, the path that Huawei has taken as a front for the PLA is to basically take over the networks and the components throughout the world," he added. "If we allow this to happen even for a couple of more years, Huawei is going to control basically the communications systems of the West and therefore will be able to control the West."

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