Bannon’s Gladiator School Facing Eviction

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  May 19, 2021   

Harnwell could serve jail time

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Globalists are taking aim at Steve Bannon's Academy for the Judeo-Christian West and the pro-life think tank Dignitatis Humanae Institute (DHI), both located at Italy's Trisulti Monastery. Church Militant's Kristine Christlieb goes to the source for the latest update.

DHI is seeking a court order to keep from being evicted from Trisulti before the end of the month.

Despite fighting off seven prior legal challenges, Italy's Council of State, in a dramatic shift in March, nullified DHI's lease, claiming it submitted fraudulent statements.

Bannon's point man for Trisulti is Benjamin Harnwell, who is accused of fraud in the nation's criminal justice system.

Harnwell: "Trisulti in the next generation is going to become the global headquarters of the fight to defend the Judeo-Christian basis of Western civilization."

Harnwell says all the government's actions are politically motivated.


The Left cannot deal with the arguments that myself, and most substantially Steve Bannon, are making. They cannot deal with them. So their only recourse is to use whatever legal instruments that exist, and when they don't exist, to trample all over the law to suppress arguments that they cannot deal with because they will lose.

The criminal proceedings against Harnwell are scheduled for November.


I did not participate fraudulently in the tender, it's as simple as that. ... It's hilarious there is actually no evidence that justifies the accusations. So I don't even need to produce a list of witnesses of the indictment. It's structurally so contradictory that it's a political hit job.

If convicted, Harnwell could face several years in prison. 

Given Harnwell's assertion of innocence, jail time seems unlikely, but so did cancellation of DHI's lease.

Harnwell says the Council of State has no jurisdiction in this matter.


The Council of State absolutely has zero authority to pronounce on crimes. Its authority should have been to have clarified — if or not — the ministry followed the law when it annulled our tender, and it did not follow the law.

Leftists use legal challenges to wear down their opponents. So Harnwell's and Bannon's never-give-up attitude is crucial. The fight for Trisulti is but one of many skirmishes in the battle for a Christian Europe.

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