Battle Brewing in South Bend

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by Christine Niles  •  •  April 27, 2019   

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the nation's first openly gay presidential hopeful

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A battle brewing in South Bend.

Home to the University of Notre Dame, the nation’s premier Catholic institution dedicated to Our Lady — and the city of Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the country's first openly gay presidential hopeful.

A fallen-away Catholic, Buttigieg is in a gay marriage and supports abortion.

Buttigieg was instrumental in making sure the Life Center, run by pro-life Catholic Shawn Sullivan, could not open next door to a proposed abortion clinic.

An attorney and Harvard Law School graduate, Sullivan opened the Life Center in 2012, right next door to another abortion mill — the Women's Pavilion — setting up a chapel with Mass and eucharistic adoration.

Within three years of the chapel's opening, the Women's Pavilion closed its doors — after three decades in operation. Sullivan credits God.

The abortionist, Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, who's killed about 30,000 unborn children, still visits his closed building and even chats with Sullivan.

Although the Women's Pavilion has shut its doors, a new abortion mill is suing the state to open up in South Bend. Mayor Buttigieg hasn't weighed in, but his open support for abortion indicates he'd back the move.

The very divided Catholic community in South Bend has always lived under the shadow of the Golden Dome, and the way the presidential hopeful handles the issue of abortion here will determine how he approaches it on a national level — if he makes it into the White House.

The way polls are trending, that may not be too much of a long shot.

To learn more about the Life Center and how you can help, click on the link.


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