Battle for the Pacific

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  December 23, 2021   

Communism against freedom

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Taiwanese citizens voted on Saturday on issues that more closely align them with us here in America. This has created a wider divide between the island nation and the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing, escalating tensions in the region. 

In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Trey Blanton explains how war is already being waged, just not in the traditional sense.

China demonstrated last year against Hong Kong what happens when an autocratic communist regime gains control over a free democratic territory. While pundits and commentators argue over whether China or Russia is the greater threat, conflicts are being driven in several areas across the globe, including China and Taiwan, in unconventional ways. 

Kerry Gershaneck, author of Media Warfare: "The political warfare approach is really the way that the Chinese Communist Party intends to absorb Taiwan. It's the way it intends to beat the United States of America."

Propaganda supremacy in the media promotes short-term victories to slowly demoralize opposition into submitting to communism. That's not to say the Chinese Communist Party isn't also bolstering traditional military strength, including by purchasing a naval port in West Africa.

Richard Bitzinger, international security analyst: "What we're looking at is the prospect of a permanent Chinese naval presence in the Atlantic Ocean, which is something that is unprecedented."

Sun Tzu is the progenitor of such strategic moves that bolster economic and military projection in a non-provocative manner in line with "fighting without fighting."

Kerry Gershaneck: "You're going to lose. Because you don't even know how they're conducting war against you without lifting a rifle." 

Critics argue the woke-ification of America's military, along with China's expansion, is making the possibility of engaging in a conventional war with Beijing a losing prospect.

America has no formal obligation to defend Taiwan, but many consider the island republic the only obstacle to Beijing's dominance in the world. 

Richard Bitzinger: "This is all part of a grand plan that will take decades to unfold."

American policies haven't just weakened its military. The education system has long been infiltrated by communist spies

It was revealed last week that former Harvard professor Charles Lieber accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from China for his work with the Wuhan University of Technology, which put him in conflict with the millions [of dollars] his department received from America's National Institutes of Health and Defense Department.

Kerry Gershaneck: "And that's the way that China intends to defeat you. And you won't even study it as a formal course of curriculum." 

America's elites are more blatantly embracing communism. If citizens don't resist the push, violent suppression could come to a neighborhood near you.

On Friday, the president of Purdue University criticized China as well as pro-communist students on campus for threatening a Chinese student — frightening him into not speaking on the Tiananmen Square massacre.

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