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by Hunter Bradford  •  •  September 1, 2021   

Challenges to vaccine mandates

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As reported previously, there's growing resistance to vaccine mandates, taking the form of protests and legal action. Church Militant's Hunter Bradford shares more examples of this on college campuses in Massachusetts.

Catholic Action League executive director C.J. Doyle: "In a time when so many Catholics are conformed to the dominant secular culture, you would think Catholic institutions, in particular, would be, you know, sensitive and understanding towards the concerns of pro-life Catholics. And instead, they're getting this very, very authoritarian response."

Colleges are a major battleground in the fight over vaccine mandates. C.J. Doyle of Catholic Action League spoke to Church Militant about college students and employees going to court to challenge the jab requirements.

Two students objecting to a vax mandate have filed suit against the University of Massachusetts. 

Doyle: "Here we have a secular, taxpayer-funded state university citing statements by the Catholic hierarchy in the United States to essentially disenfranchise Catholic and Christian students."

And, as Catholic Action League noted Friday, Catholic attorney Michael Gillis is representing two people denied religious exemptions. One is a student at the University of Massachusetts, the other an employee at Boston College — a Catholic institution run by Jesuits.

Doyle: "We've actually heard reports that Catholic students at Boston College (Jesuit-administered Boston College) who have applied for religious exemptions have been turned down within two hours."

In mid-August, Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett rejected a plea to block a vaccine mandate at Indiana University.  Legal actions against college vax requirements have had mixed results — making it hard to predict the outcomes of current and future cases.

A federal judge on Friday tossed the lawsuit against the University of Massachusetts, claiming the vax requirement was a "rational" measure for public health.

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