Bayer Pays Dearly for ‘Contraception’

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by Paul Murano  •  •  August 25, 2020   

Nearly $2 billion injury settlement

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WASHINGTON ( - The pharmaceutical company Bayer has agreed to a $1.6 billion payout for women worldwide who have been injured by its abortifacient contraceptives.

Dr. Yesmean Wahdan of U.S. Medical Affairs at Bayer

The settlement was announced on Thursday over Bayer's sterilizing pharmaceutical device, Essure. Bayer stopped selling Essure in the United States in 2018. The now-discontinued device has reportedly injured tens of thousands of women.

But as part of the settlement, Bayer will not admit the company was in the wrong; nor will it apologize to the thousands of women injured by the tiny metal coil.

"There is no admission of wrongdoing or liability by Bayer in the settlement agreements," the company said in a statement.

Bayer has been in the contraceptive business for the past 50 years. Recently, the company has teamed up with Direct Relief, a California-based group that calls itself a humanitarian-aid organization. Together they launched the "We're for Her" initiative to "help break down barriers so more women across the United States can access contraceptives."

Yesmean Wahdan, M.D., of U.S. Medical Affairs at Bayer, explained the company's commitment to selling and providing women with unnatural contraception.

Bayer has been in the contraceptive business for the past 50 years.

"At Bayer, we believe every woman should have access to reproductive healthcare and contraceptives, including intrauterine devices (IUDs). This new partnership with Direct Relief addresses access at its core, so more women can talk to their doctor and acquire the resources they need to plan their futures," Wahdan said.

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What Bayer doesn't tell the public is that each of its so-called contraceptives can cause an abortion. Intrauterine devices and devices placed in the fallopian tube often interrupt and kill the tiny child already created by gametic union. Most chemical contraceptive pills also cause early abortion by making the mother's uterine lining impossible for the tiny human being to attach to.

Bayer's abortifacient contraceptives aren't limited to Essure; it also produces Yaz/Yasmin and Mirena. Bayer has been sued by numerous women for injuries incurred from each of these.

Most chemical contraceptive pills also cause early abortion by making the mother's uterine lining impossible for the tiny human being to attach to.

Women have alleged the Yaz/Yasmin caused blood clots, gallbladder problems, heart attacks and strokes. Thousands of women sued over Mirena, claiming it perforated their uteri, damaged organs and caused pseudotumor cerebri — an abnormal fluid buildup in the skull.

With Essure, thousands of additional women have claimed serious side effects such as perforated organs when broken devices migrated from the fallopian tube where they were placed. Approximately 39,000 women filed claims against Bayer alleging they were injured by the Essure device, which is a metal coil inserted into a fallopian tube. The coil damages the fallopian tubes, and the scarring caused by the coil blocks the tubes entirely.

In thousands of cases, the coils migrated from the fallopian tubes, damaging other parts of the body. Symptoms of Essure migration include weight gain, irregularity of the menses, unusual fatigue, uterine perforation, dizziness, fainting and memory lapses.

Bayer stopped selling Essure in the United States in 2018, one year after it had stopped selling it in other countries. Initially, Bayer blamed a lack of sales, rather than safety, for its decision to stop making the device. Essure was finally recalled in Sept. 2019.

In some instances, women were required to have emergency hysterectomies after their Essure devices broke and migrated throughout their bodies. Other women suffered extreme allergic reactions to the metals in the device, resulting in headaches and mood disorders.

Some even experienced ectopic pregnancies. At least one woman was killed as a result of her use of Essure; her reproductive organs developed necrosis. The device was blamed for at least 300 deaths of children before birth.

While the Catholic Church supports the use of drugs as medication for the alleviation of pain as well as for healing and restoration, it condemns all acts intended to thwart or destroy life. This includes pills and devices used to impede the procreative end of the lifegiving marital act. Abortion, contraception and sterilization are condemned as intrinsic evils by the Catholic Church, as noted in the Catechism in section 2370.

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