The Legacy of ‘Beijing Biden’

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by Paul Murano  •  •  April 28, 2020   

Former VP key to Communist China's rise to power

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WASHINGTON ( - In a new Rasmussen Reports survey of likely voters, most Americans want to see China punished for its handling of the Wuhan virus.

Many surveyed support lawsuits against China for its part in covering up the outbreak and allowing it to spread. More than half of respondents think the United Nations should impose economic sanctions against China, or punish it in some other way for the financial and human losses the virus has inflicted on the world.

Missouri is the first U.S. state to sue the Chinese government, charging that Chinese officials are "responsible for the enormous death, suffering and economic losses they inflicted on the world, including Missourians." Voters from other states are split 41% to 41% on whether their own state should follow Missouri in suing the Chinese government.

Biden's longstanding relationship with China leads Beijing to hope their 'friend' will be able to topple Trump in November, who has been tough on China for the past four years.

China's handling of the Wuhan virus will be coupled with their unfair trade practices and stealing of intellectual property on the Trump agenda as major campaign issues this fall. Joe Biden, on the other hand, will be left with no option but to change the subject.

Earning the Nickname 'Beijing Biden'

Biden has been very friendly with Beijing over the years, especially when it really counted. His long history with China is well documented, and his support of the communist People's Republic of China is deep and longstanding. In honor of all he has does for China at the expense of the United States, he has earned himself the nicknames of Beijing Biden and Chairman Jao by Trump supporters.

When President Richard Nixon, a staunch anti-communist, opened the doors to China, it was seen as a great accomplishment. No one suspected him of giving an inch to the communists, who were continuously cited for human rights abuses, once normal relations were established.

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China came into its own on the world stage as a result of the Clinton Administration's eagerness to dip into their seemingly infinite reservoir of market potential. It wasn't long before China became a problem, and even a threat, to the civilized world order.

Presidents, however, cannot enact policies on their own. It was Biden that was often at the center of deals that enabled China to rise, to the detriment of American workers. Biden's seemingly undying support as a senator for China led him to make sure Beijing received most-favored-nation (MFN) trade status.

The Clinton administration, in power at the time, favored China receiving MFN, but the idea faced pushback from many in Congress on both sides of the aisle. But Biden, senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was able to win for China MFN status, in spite of the country's terrible record on human rights.

Xi Jinping

With regard to the question of China joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the 1990s — a fight in which, again, many of his party's leaders in Congress were against — Biden carefully led China through the process from his powerful perch in the Senate. Whenever there were roadblocks — like the placing of human-rights or labor conditions on MFN status, for example — Biden voted the measures down and lobbied fellow senators to do the same. Eventually, China and Biden got their way, and, as President Trump would claim, American workers are still suffering from it.

As the Chinese Communist Party continued to gain strength, Xi Jinping seized absolute power. When Biden became vice president of the United States, his dedication to China remained steadfast, and he continued to push for closer ties and more trade with the communist giant.

In February 2012, while millions of American jobs were disappearing, with Jinping standing next to him, Biden praised Beijing as a "new partner" that would help to meet "global challenges," and said Americans "welcome this competition." As countless Americans were losing their jobs, Biden said "it pushes our companies to develop better products and services and our government to craft better policies."

Biden Family Benefits

While closer ties with China have devastated American workers and threatened our national security, they have been beneficial to the Biden family. When Hunter Biden, Joe's son, went with him on a trip to Beijing in 2013, it was questioned by reporters. In 2017, a few months after his father left office and after Burisma Holdings, one of Ukraine's largest natural gas companies, had begun paying him $83,333 per month for his name, Hunter invested a substantial chunk of his money in a Shanghai-based private equity firm, of whose board he was sitting as a member.

In the wake of the pandemic, many Americans seem to be waking up to the threat that communist China poses to the United States and the Western world.

Biden's longstanding relationship with China leads Beijing to hope their "friend" will be able to topple Trump in November, who has been tough on China for the past four years.

In the wake of the pandemic, many Americas seem to be waking up to the threat that communist China poses to the United States and the Western world. This recent survey by Rasmussen indicates Biden may be on the unpopular side of a campaign issue that won't go away.

The former vice president, a self-proclaimed Catholic who supports abortion on demand, same-sex "marriage" and has declared there are "at least three" genders, now has the hurdle of convincing Catholics and other Americans of goodwill that atheistic communist China has their best interests in mind.

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