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by Fr. Paul John Kalchik  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  September 16, 2021   

Responding to Biden's vax mandates

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Thursday evening, I — like many Americans — sat dumbfounded watching Biden go on ad nauseam about new vaccine mandates, as if he were God himself. In the course of Biden's long-winded, over-the-top presentation, he repeatedly demonized the 80 million of us unvaccinated Americans as if we were responsible for the Wuhan virus; as if all subsequent COVID-19 deaths would be our fault; as if the 80 million unvaccinated Americans were solely responsible for festering and harboring the Delta variant, as well as all future variants! What absolute rot!

During the course of Biden's spiel, I texted a good unvaccinated doctor, a longtime friend, and asked her directly: "So what is going to be Biden's next tactic? How is he going to eradicate all natural reservoirs for COVID? Is he going to require all pet owners to mask their dogs and cats? Is he going to close down all the pig farms? Swine have been well documented for being natural reservoirs for influenza over the centuries."

My friend laughed at my text, initially responding with LOL, and then flushed out her answer with: "What a moron! The man would not even pass a sixth-grade science test if you sat him down! I wonder if he could even spell 'science' correctly if you put him in a room by himself. Here is a man blindly and foolishly recommending all Americans submit to the jab, as if this novel immune therapy goes without any risks whatsoever?"

Later in the evening, I called my friend back and I asked her what she was going to do now that Biden has declared war against the unvaccinated. She said she was going to stand on the religious exemption that she has filed with the hospital where she works. If they force her to remove herself from their employment, it's their loss. They would be losing "one good rheumatologist," she said.

News Report: Biden Goes to War

She went on to describe her sadness about why so few doctors have not spoken out against COVID being "hijacked" to erase individuals' personal rights, especially since it is a relatively mild disease with a less than 1% mortality rate. The doctor also claimed:

Just because Biden sits as the president of the United States, he does not have any right whatsoever to tell me what kind of injection or injections I should take. He does not know me from Adam, nor does he care two whits about my long-term health. Where are the longitudinal studies about these new gene therapy treatments? Where are the longitudinal studies for the long-term effects of the Wuhan virus? There are none! Every epidemiologist of any note knows that many viruses have latent long-term effects, only manifesting themselves over time. Chicken pox revisits many later in life as shingles. Years after contracting Hepatitis B, survivors often develop liver cancer; that is why Hep B survivors are regularly recommended to get checked for liver cancer. A year and a half into this Wuhan virus, no one really knows what the latent effects of this virus are if any. It is foolish to presume there will be no long-term, latent effects!

After this discussion with my close friend, whom I respect highly, my resolve not to get the jab has been all the more solidified. Just saying for the record, Biden, I will have to be dead for you to jab me with this COVID-19 gene therapy. 

Some are toying with the idea that these shots are the Mark of the Beast as described in the Book of Revelation. I don't know anything about this! Of all books of the Bible, the Book of Revelation is highly misunderstood and misinterpreted, and I for one, as a priest, will not be wading into this hot mess of speculation. But one thing I do know for certain (and you can quote me on this!) — God does not use fear to manipulate people.

Biden's spiel Thursday night demonizing the 80 million unvaccinated was meant to whip up the vaccinated to war against them!

The Devil, on the other hand, regularly uses fear to control people, driving them to their perdition. Biden certainly uses fear like an expert to get what he wishes!

Biden's spiel Thursday night demonizing the 80 million unvaccinated was meant to whip up the vaccinated to war against them! It was a spiel laced with blatant, bald-faced lies, appealing to fallen humanity's penchant to fear death and disease. The audacity of the man to end this spiel with a prayer! As if God approves of his audacious plan to have 100% of all Americans jabbed. I hate to tell you Biden, but God does not approve of your plan or your idol worship! Jesus is Lord! Not the jab, not you, not your puppet masters!

By the by, Biden: The mocking of God and of His Son, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is one sure way to get yourself to a very deep pit in Hell. Please refrain from using saccharine references to the Almighty as pretenses for being a man of true faith. You are not! God looks mercifully upon a man who is "humble and contrite in spirit" (Isaiah 66:2). At your age, you need to get down on your knees and ask for His mercy. You ought not presume His mercy as though you're some kind of saint.

Biden, desist in your war against the unvaccinated, stop insisting that all humanity participate in this super-sized experiment, and stop the government funding of it all! You act as though you are God, but you are only a man — and at that, not a very smart one.

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