Biden’s Busted Border

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by Aidan O'Connor  •  •  October 21, 2021   

Arrests hit all-time high

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WASHINGTON ( - Arrests at the U.S. southern border have soared to never-before-seen levels.

Chris Magnus, homosexual nominee to lead CBP

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) took some 1.7 million illegal immigrants along America's southern border into custody during the 2021 fiscal year, setting an all-time high. The Washington Post released the record-breaking figures after obtaining unpublished data from CBP.

Chris Magnus, unelected President Joe Biden's homosexual nominee to lead the CBP, avoided acknowledging the border crisis during his confirmation hearing Tuesday. Magnus called the historical surge a "significant challenge."

The fiscal year began in October 2020, but border crossings began to soar only after fake-Catholic Biden took office in January. The crossings peaked in July and again in August: More than 200,000 illegal aliens were apprehended during both months.

During the administration change, Biden insisted his policies would make the border situation "better, not worse" for "our friends in Latin America." He even noted the "last thing we need" is to "end up with 2 million people on our border."

News Report: Erasing the Southern Border

Biden and his administration constantly blame the policies of former President Donald Trump for the border crisis. However, almost 1.7 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended just over the past year. That figure surpasses the number of border arrests during the last three years of Trump's presidency combined.

Conservatives note the surge in illegal immigration follows Biden's pro–open-border policies. Once Biden took office in January, he not only stopped the construction of Trump's border wall but also announced a 100-day halt on most deportations and ended the "Remain in Mexico" policy for asylum seekers.

Conservatives note the surge in illegal immigration follows Biden's pro–open-border policies.

Texas governor Greg Abbott, a Catholic, blasted Biden over the crisis: "You know, I have not yet heard from the president, during his entire presidency, concerning the border. The Biden administration refuses to even pretend as though there is a crisis."

News Report: Operation Lone Star

Democratic mayor Bruno Lozano of Del Rio, Texas, even begged Biden to stop his apparent mishandling of the border: "I am pleading and requesting [sic] with you to please put a halt to any measures regarding the release of immigrants awaiting court dates into the city of Del Rio and surrounding areas." The mayor added, "I am asking [you] to please stop. Please make another plan for this federal issue."

Democratic mayor Bruno Lozano of Del Rio

Biden responded to the crisis by making unelected Vice President Kamala Harris his border czar. Critics pointed out, however, her appointment had little to no measurable effect. After 76 days of being in charge of the chaos, Kamala had not visited the border. She responded to criticism on the subject, quipping, "And I haven't been to Europe. ... I don't understand the point that you're making."

While apprehending a record-breaking number of illegal immigrants, U.S. authorities have recovered abandoned children, busted criminals, thwarted drug cartels and intercepted eye-watering quantities of fentanyl. Biden's administration, further, is not fully screening illegals for the China virus, either forcing them into squalid living conditions or setting them loose into the United States. And while approximately 1.7 million is the number of apprehensions at the southern border, countless illegals have evaded capture.

United States authorities have recovered abandoned children, busted criminals, thwarted drug cartels and intercepted eye-watering quantities of fentanyl. 

Despite this, U.S. bishops are not decrying Biden's open border. Instead, the U.S. bishops' conference calls refusing illegal immigrants access to America "heartless."

The president of the Lepanto Institute, Michael Hichborn, revealed the USCCB collected "a whopping $50 million for migration and refugee services for the year 2020, most of which came from the federal government." 

Since 2008, the USCCB has received billions of federal dollars for conducting a resettlement program for illegal immigrants. Now that Biden's administration has seen more illegals arrested at the U.S.–Mexico border than ever before, business is booming for America's bishops. 

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