Biden’s Crime Crisis  

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  June 25, 2021   

Criminals left unpunished

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While violent crime is ravaging the nation, especially in Democrat-led cities, Biden is only now waking up to the problem. Many fear his policies are worsening the crisis. Church Militant's Martina Moyski has more.

Anderson Cooper: "So to gun owners out there who say, 'Well, a Biden administration means they're going to come for my guns'?" 

Joe Biden: "Bingo."

Unveiling his media-hyped plan for the government to protect Americans from criminals Wednesday, Biden focused on "addressing the flow of firearms used to commit crimes."

Biden: "For folks at home, I've been at this for a long time. We need to keep building on the gun, violence and crime-prevention strategy we laid out today."

Many note Biden's making it more difficult for ordinary Americans to protect themselves, considering homicides in just the last year are up:

  • 58% in Atlanta 
  • 13% in New York City
  • 533% in Portland 
  • 5% in Chicago and
  • 22% in Los Angeles 

Senator Lindsey Graham said Biden is "kowtowing to the most radical people." And Sen. Ted Cruz summed up Biden's plan as:

  1. Take everyone's guns
  2. Abolish the police 
  3. Release violent criminals from jail 
  4. Give violent felons stimulus money, and
  5. Hide 

But as a senator, in 1994, Biden sang a different tune.

Biden: "They [criminals] must be taken off the street." 

Biden may finally be admitting there's a law-and-order problem in America, but his recent solution leaves many Americans worried.

Finding it harder to put their faith in Biden's plan, the faithful are appealing to higher authorities for guidance, remembering the words of Padre Pio — "You will need the help of St. Michael, living in this world."

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