Big Pharma Stooge Smears Pro-Life Prelate

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  December 23, 2021   

Catholic doctor attacking archbishop has wide-ranging conflict of interest

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ROME ( - A senior Catholic doctor whose family profits from the pharmaceutical industry and has links to vaccine oligarchs has launched a tendentious attack against a renowned pro-life prelate for conscientiously objecting to the abortion-tainted jab. 

Vatican whistleblower Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò

In a 6,000-word polemic targeting Vatican whistleblower Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò, Dr. Gwyneth Anne Spaeder, a specialist in general pediatrics and adolescent medicine, failed to disclose her wide-ranging financial conflict of interests with Big Pharma.  

Spaeder's screed was published earlier this month by the Italian blog Corrispondenza Romana, which is edited by Professor Roberto de Mattei — a Catholic historian who outraged fellow traditionalists after he began justifying the morality of abortion-contaminated vaccines.

Insisting her conclusions were "scientifically sound," the pediatrician defended the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as "among the 'cleanest' vaccines ever made" with "no long-term adverse effects emerging."

Spaeder admitted there is a "very small risk of myocarditis" following the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that "is mild and resolves itself." She asserted "Catholics have no reason, however, to fear the safety, efficacy or morality of COVID mRNA vaccines." 

"In fact, science has not taken any shortcuts: the safety and efficacy studies for both Pfizer and Moderna have been enormous and had all the credentials to support the conclusions put forward," Spaeder maintained. 

I am dismayed to see established standards and safeguards chucked aside.

Trashing the reliability of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), the medic claimed "there is no way to separate any garbage from what may be valid concerns before an investigation is conducted" and "many will insert nonsense" into the database.   

Viganò Reacts

In comments to Church Militant, Abp. Viganò said he was shocked to learn that a response to his concerns had been "entrusted by Corrispondenza Romana to Gwyneth A. Spaeder, a pediatrician graduated from Johns Hopkins University."

mRNA vaccine technology inventor Dr. Robert Malone warns against injecting kids with the vaccine

Viganò described Spaeder as "the daughter of well-known author and activist George Weigel, wife of Dr. Jeffrey Spaeder, who is chief medical and scientific officer of IQVIA, a company linked to the pharmaceutical industry and in particular to the manufacturers of the so-called vaccines for COVID-19."

"It is a pity to see Corrispondenza Romana siding with Santa Marta [Pope Francis' residence], perhaps not so much out of conviction as out of opportunism," the prelate lamented, "but I am a bit disappointed to see how clumsy and counterproductive it was to have entrusted the refutation to a pediatrician in clear conflict of interest."

A key ethical principle in medical research is conflict of interest.

Viganò added:

I would have expected something more serious, if only to give a minimum credibility to their own faction: Any pennivendolo* is capable of stuffing an article with inaccuracies, clearly erroneous data and unproven assumptions, as confirmed by these two years of misinformation on COVID. If Corrispondenza Romana and its director wanted to distinguish themselves from the mass of courtiers, it seems clear to me that they have missed this opportunity. 

Conflicts of Interest

The Spaeders have extensive and long-standing personal interests with pharmaceutical companies and vaccine oligarchs sufficient to appear to influence the doctor's objective views on COVID-19 vaccines, Church Militant has learned. 

"For 11 years I sat on a National Health Service (NHS) ethics committee, and I am dismayed to see established standards and safeguards chucked aside," medical ethicist Dr. Niall McCrae told Church Militant. 

Dr. Jeffrey Spaeder, husband of Dr. Gwyneth Spaeder  

Dr. McCrae, author of the book The Story of Nursing in British Mental Hospitals, explained:

A key ethical principle in medical research is conflict of interest: Is your doctor incentivized to give you a vaccine that you don't want or need? Why is the medical regulator funded by Big Pharma and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation? Is it appropriate that government ministers and scientific advisors have lucrative holdings in vaccine manufacturers' stocks and shares?
In this case, the medic has issued vaccine propaganda through a Catholic media without disclosing her incestuous conflicts of interest with Big Pharma. It seems that such untoward influence is given license in the COVID regime, whereby mega-profiteering Pfizer equals "science." 

When Church Militant attempted to contact Spaeder at her UNC Health clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina, our reporter was greeted with a recorded message announcing that the facility "is committed to providing COVID-19 vaccinations for our community as quickly as possible" and is now offering the shot for children ages 5–11.  

The health provider is affiliated with the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, which has received millions of dollars from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) — the biggest private investor in global vaccine development and distribution. 

I am a bit disappointed to see how clumsy and counterproductive it was to have entrusted the refutation to a pediatrician in clear conflict of interest.

The most recent BMGF grant of $1,559,355 to UNC Health's School of Medicine is for a syphilis vaccine development project beginning November 2021. Last year, the Gates Foundation gave UNC $6.2 million to study pregnancy outcomes in Zambia.

Despite her claim to be following "evidence-based medicine," Spaeder mostly cites The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and no peer-reviewed medical journals contesting the pro-vaccine narrative in her diatribe on Viganò. NEJM has close ties to the BMGF. 

IQVIA headquarters in Danbury, Connecticut

In 2017, NEJM "quietly changed" its policies "to offer a permanent OA [Open Access] publishing route for Gates grant holders," Nature reported. Before the change was enacted, researchers could not publish Gates-funded work in NEJM and similar journals. 

Spaeder quotes Pfizer "safety information" on the vaccine oligarch's recommendation of the jab for children from 12–15 but does not name reputed virologists and vaccinologists like Sucharit Bhakdi, Geert van den Bossche or Robert Malone, who caution against the jab.  

Despite mocking Viganò for his use of non-credentialed sources, the pediatrician cites articles from AFP Fact Check (which does not have a single doctor or scientist on its team), Full Fact (which is funded by Facebook and Google), the extreme left-wing Washington Post and pro-vax U.S. government data.   

Spaeder trumpets her links with her alma mater Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine — a school that has benefited to the tune of $493.4 million — nearly half a billion dollars from the Gates Foundation

There can be little doubt that Gates is advocating a new form of international institution transcending the United Nations.

Gates earlier bragged that putting his money into health care was his "best investment" yielding "over a 20-to-1 return" and turning his $10 billion into $200 billion over 20 years. In 2019, BMGF invested $55 million in Pfizer's vaccine partner BioNTech SE — a deal that could reach up to $100 million in total funding, BioNTech announced

"There can be little doubt that Gates is advocating a new form of international institution — transcending the United Nations, targeting the developing world and effectively controlled by the wealthy nations of the West," observed researcher Jacob Levich in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Economics and Sociology

Traditionalist professor Roberto de Mattei wars with Viganò

Dr. Gwyneth Spaeder's husband, Dr. Jeffrey Spaeder, a physician and cardiologist, also trained at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and was a cardiologist on the faculty of the school.

Jeffrey Spaeder's current role as the lead medical and scientific expert for IQVIA — the world's largest clinical outsourcing firm and a widely used data vendor — has raised further questions about the couple's ties to Big Pharma. 

IQVIA admits to receiving funding from the BMGF and touts itself as "a preferred provider to a consortium of 14 global health product development partnerships funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation."

Also associated with the Condom Alliance, which provides data on the condoms, oral contraceptive pills and emergency contraceptives market, IQVIA raked in over $11 billion during the pandemic in 2020. 

IQVIA has been partnering with vaccine giant AstraZeneca to "drive faster delivery of clinical studies in the U.S. aimed at demonstrating efficacy of AstraZeneca's potential COVID-19 vaccine, AZD1222." 

IQVIA has also been collaborating with Johnson & Johnson on Phase III COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials since September 2020. The company also helped Pfizer "expand its addressable market" with "the smart use of an innovative approach."

The total cumulative spending on COVID-19 vaccines through 2025 is projected to be $157 billion.

Jeffrey Spaeder's life sciences firm insists "vaccines are the ultimate exit strategy for COVID-19 pandemic" and that it is committed to "accelerating the development and delivery of treatments and vaccines" as "the most effective public health interventions."

"The total cumulative spending on COVID-19 vaccines through 2025 is projected to be $157 billion," IQVIA predicts

IQVIA CEO Ari Bousbib earns big bucks from Big Pharma

Dr. Jeffrey Spaeder previously worked as global medical director at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, a Japanese company that was hit with more than 10,000 lawsuits by users of its Type 2 Diabetes drug Actos (pioglitazone).

The cardiologist also worked as director of alliance management with Abbott Laboratories, where he managed clinical oncology research collaboration with a biotechnology partner.

Earlier, Abbott Laboratories and Takeda Chemical Industries agreed to pay $875 million to settle criminal and civil charges for illegally manipulating Medicare and Medicaid programs — the largest in its day for health care fraud.

A jury ordered Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly to pay $9 billion in 2014 to an Actos user who developed bladder cancer. In all, Takeda has paid a total penalty of $3,733,566,447 for offenses related to government contracting, health care, competition, employment and environment.

In four years through 2020, IQVIA CEO Ari Bousbib has pocketed $292 million in stock compensation alone. In addition, Bousbib receives salary, cash incentives and benefits that push his total take-home pay to $328 million — amounting to nearly $225,000 a day.

Ongoing Opposition

Church Militant contacted Professor de Mattei to raise the issue of the publication of Spaeder's polemic against Viganò and the couple's financial interests in Big Pharma but received no response as of press time. 

In June, de Mattei accused Viganò of treading on territory outside his field of expertise and disseminating conspiracy theories on the "Great Reset," which "through health dictatorship and mass vaccination would lead to the extermination of humanity."

Using "source criticism" to analyze the archbishop's writings, de Mattei suggested Viganò had a "double" who was the "ghost writer" of his works on the globalist agenda.

*Pennivendolo (Italian) refers to a writer or journalist who places himself at the service of anyone who offers him financial compensation or other advantages.  

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