Bill Nye Floats Population Control on Netflix Program

by Trey Elmore  •  •  April 26, 2017   

Includes abortion, climate change and transgenderism among his pet causes

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DETROIT ( - Bill Nye, the well-known host of the PBS children's show Bill Nye the Science Guy, is advocating for population control. In a new Netflix series titled Bill Nye Saves the World, he asks, "Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?"

In an installment of the series titled "Earth's People Problem," a panel discussion takes place with population control advocate Dr. Travis Rieder, abortionist Dr. Nerys Benfield and Dr. Rachel Snow of the United Nations Population Fund. The last lost its federal funding over its connection to coercive abortion and sterilization. When Nye asked whether Third-World families should be punished for having more children, Rieder responded, "I do think that we should at least consider it."

Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?

In January, in a video on YouTube, Nye responded to a viewer question about population control. "If somebody in Niger has five kids, the impact of each of those five kids on the world's environment is far far less than the effect of me on the world's environment," Nye said. "I live in the United States, in a developed country we use energy like crazy, we use clean water like crazy, we all, most of us have access to the internet. My environmental impact is way higher."

Nye has taken to using his name recognition and familiarity in American homes as "the Science Guy" as a segue into leftist politics, making his causes of choice abortion, climate change, evolution and most recently transgenderism. He spoke at the recent March for Science in Washington, D.C., which took place on Earth Day, and whose stated mission is "building the world's largest environmental movement."

From left: Dr. Rachel Snow of the UNFPA,
population control advocate Dr. Travis Rieder and abortionist Dr. Nerys Benfield.

On a segment with CNN Saturday, Nye talked about so-called climate change along with physicist and climate skeptic William Happer. Nye expressed his distaste for any questioning of climate change.

"And I will say, much as I love CNN," he commented, "you're doing a disservice by having one climate change skeptic and not 97 or 98 scientists or engineers concerned about climate change."

In April 2016, in an interview with the organization Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), Nye was asked about the idea of jailing climate skeptics.

"[Robert F. Kennedy Jr] said climate deniers belong at the Hague with three square meals and a cot with all the other war criminals," the host asked. "What's your thought on jailing skeptics as war criminals?"

Nye replied, "We'll see what happens. Was it appropriate to jail the guys from Enron? Was it appropriate to jail people from the cigarette industry who insisted that this addictive product was not addictive, and so on?"

Nye has also spoken out in support of abortion. In a separate video on YouTube, Nye slammed pro-life advocates as well as Christianity: "I know it was written or your interpretation of a book written 5,000 years ago, 50 centuries ago. Makes you think that when a man and a woman have sexual intercourse they always have a baby, that's wrong."

He continued, "You can't tell someone what to do, I mean, she has rights over this."

It isn't clear if Nye sees the population control policies he proposed on his Netflix program as "telling someone what to do."

The example of Nye's veer into leftist politics that's gotten the most attention, however, is a pro-trans segment on his Netflix program where he claims that "human sexuality is on a spectrum. ... They used to think there were just two settings, male and female, but it's actually a lot sexier than that."

The episode also featured a musical performance, which Nye called a"very special" and "cool little segment" from sitcom actress Rachel Bloom. The performance was titled "My Sex Junk," a vulgarity-laced, transgender manifesto with lyrics like "sex how you want it, it's your g**d*** right!" The video has been viewed 600,000 times, receiving 675 "thumbs up" votes and over 43,000 "thumbs down" votes as of this writing.


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