Bishop Avoids Rosary Rally

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by Church Militant  •  •  July 21, 2020   

Capitulates to 'kids,' ignores Catholics

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Catholics in the diocese of Lafayette, Indiana held a Rosary rally outside the chancery on Thursday to express their support for a recently suspended priest and deliver a petition for his reinstatement.

Early this month, Bp. Timothy Doherty announced the suspension of Fr. Theodore Rothrock from priestly ministry for teaching his flock that Antifa and Black Lives Matter Inc. are anti-Catholic Marxist fronts.

Many Catholics in the diocese have reported that Bp. Doherty is negligent with his flock.

Christine Harrington: "In Church Militant's report, one parishioner described how the bishop totally ignored him when he simply gave a friendly 'hello' after Mass."

This reported negligence extended to Thursday's Rosary rally.

Harrington: "The day before the delivery of the petition by LifeSiteNews and the many Catholic groups who support Fr. Rothrock, the bishop announced without an explanation that the chancery will be closed for two days."

Bishop Doherty is being criticized for surrendering to the demands of leftist group Carmel Against Racial Injustice, CARI for short, which demanded Fr. Rothrock be removed.

While CARI claims to be offended by what it falsely deems "racism," the group has failed to look into or mention Fr. Rothrock's years of work with people of all races.

Catholics for Unity and Peace (CUP): "This man helped spearhead and form the Haitian ministry."

In 1989, when Lucious Newsom founded the Lord's Pantry to feed the hungry in Indianapolis, Fr. Rothrock chipped in.

CUP: "This man single-handedly funded and supported and advocated ... would go down there and help the Lord's Pantry."

CARI made its demands to the bishop in late June and received permission from interim administrator Dcn. Bill Reid to protest against Fr. Rothrock on the grounds of St. Elizabeth in early July.

One Catholic who attended a counter-prayer protest at St. Elizabeth's explained CARI's approach.

Al, a Catholic in the diocese: "They just seem to want to have their focus on doing one thing and one thing only, and that to me is anarchy."

Fr. Rothrock has been a priest for almost 40 years. CARI was founded this year by three high school friends.

Commenting on YouTube regarding the suspension of Fr. Rothrock, Laura Lugo said, "They capitulated to KIDS! Seriously! The bishop is a joke!"

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