Another Bishop Denounces Biden VP Pick

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  August 17, 2020   

Warns of anti-Catholic bias

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TYLER, Texas ( - Texas bishop Joseph Strickland is warning Catholics that Sen. Kamala Harris' anti-Catholic rhetoric echoes that of Hillary Clinton.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday, Strickland warned that Harris, whom Joe Biden picked last week as his running mate, has as much contempt for faithful Catholics as Clinton did when she made her infamous "deplorables" comment.

The outspoken bishop from East Texas addressed his Twitter followers and gave them a heads up about the 2020 vice-presidential candidate, telling them to "take note" and "be awake."

The article to which Strickland wished to direct his followers' attention was from The Federalist. Written by a Georgetown University intern Paulina Enck, the piece claims the vice-presidential candidate finds Catholicism so extreme, its adherents should be banned from public service.

News Report: Biden Hurts God

Enck gave particular attention to Judge Brian Buescher's confirmation hearing.

"In January, Harris and other Senate Democrats demonstrated shocking anti-Catholic bigotry," Enck wrote. "They used his membership in the charity Knights of Columbus — a Catholic fraternal service order — as a reason he was unqualified to be a federal judge. The beliefs of the Knights of Columbus align directly with the positions of the Catholic Church."

@KamalaHarris is the greatest threat to First Amendment civil rights our country has ever seen.

Following the hearing, a Wall Street Journal editorial pointed out that if membership in the Knights were disqualifying, then John F. Kennedy would have been barred from running for office.

Bp. Thomas Tobin

Others Weigh In

Bishop Strickland is not the only American bishop who finds the Democratic ticket disturbing. In a tongue-in-cheek Aug. 11 tweet, Bp. Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island made his point: "Biden-Harris. First time in a while that the Democratic ticket hasn't had a Catholic on it. Sad."

Tobin's Twitter feed exploded with more than 15,000 comments, many of which generated their own thread of comments.

Among those who made same-day comments was pro-LGBT Jesuit Fr. James Martin, who insisted: "Mr. Biden is a baptized Catholic. Thus, he is a Catholic."

Pro-life activist David Daleiden weighed in on Harris' candidacy after many in the pro-life community urged him to share his opinion.

"Lots of people are asking me what I think of the news tonight ... @KamalaHarris is the greatest threat to First Amendment civil rights our country has ever seen. I know because she had my home raided for speaking the truth about her political patrons at Planned Parenthood," Daleiden announced via Twitter.

After Daleiden revealed Planned Parenthood had a side business selling baby body parts, Harris used the full force of her position as attorney general to defend Planned Parenthood and ordered the April 5, 2016 raid on Daleiden's apartment.

In an appearance on Hannity, Daleiden again referenced the raid.

"I hope that all Americans ... are going to be able to come together to oppose the kind of radical disrespect and contempt for the First Amendment and for First Amendment civil liberties that Kamala Harris has demonstrated throughout her career," Daleiden told the news personality.

Harris' strong support for abortion is well-known in the pro-life community. When she was running for the presidential nomination, she proposed a "Reproductive Rights Act" that would have given the federal government the power to vet all state regulations for compliance with Roe v. Wade.

She has had the other hand in the homosexual clergy's pocket, helping them cover up their abuses.

While openly hostile to Catholic teaching on the one hand, she has had the other hand in the homosexual clergy's pocket, helping them cover up their abuses. On the day of her nomination for vice president, giant red Breitbart headlines called out her "massive cover-up" of cases. One headline read: "Kamala Harris Failed to Prosecute Priest Sex Abuse Cases Despite Victims' Pleas."

Evidence is growing that the former California attorney general's governing style is to prosecute innocent Catholics and let the Catholic abusers and abortionists go free.

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