Bishops’ Lament

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by Joseph Enders  •  •  March 1, 2021   

A complete loss of control

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The bishops have lost control of the Church, and some are lamenting the consequences of their irresponsible shepherdship.

This probably doesn't shock most faithful Catholics. It's hard to avoid going to Sunday Mass and seeing the pews one-half, one-quarter, or completely empty. It's hard not to notice that few (if any) of your friends or family are considering a vocation to the priesthood or religious life. But it's perhaps most clearly visible with the victory of an unelected and phony Catholic to the United States presidency.

It begs the question, what did the bishops do when scandals hit the Church? What did they do when it became clear the government was trying to keep their doors shut with "pandemic" lockdowns? Did they say a word to prevent the baby-killing, genital-mutilating Biden from entering the Oval Office?

The answer is, for the vast majority of prelates, no. Weakness in leadership has a consistent record of manifesting itself in public. Sheep follow their shepherds. When you have a cowardly shepherd, you have cowardly sheep.

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What kind of man would want to enlist in an army led by cowardly generals? Should any person of good conscience be shocked that the Church is crumbling financially, vocationally and politically? The bishops simply ignore their duties while opening the doors to moral and doctrinal degeneracy and, in some cases, promoting it.

Catholics need to realize that just because the bishops are cowards who fear spiritual battle doesn't mean the laity must also be. Lift up your Rosaries, your Excalibur against the demonic. Relieve your soul from the wounds of sin through the sacrament of reconciliation. Most importantly, cloak yourself in the armor of the Blessed Sacrament through the reception of the Holy Eucharist

The bishops simply ignore their duties while opening the doors to moral and doctrinal degeneracy and, in some cases, promoting it.

As Joe Biden and his puppet masters at the World Economic Forum put it, "Build back better." If the bishops won't do it, the laity will. It's every faithful Catholic's inheritance that's being usurped by leftists, Marxists and modernists. Fight for it and take back what's rightfully yours.

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