Bishops’ Limp-Wristed Response

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by David Nussman  •  •  July 27, 2020   

Statement on statue-smashing, church arson

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Faithful Catholics are reacting to a milquetoast stance by the U.S. bishops, as statues are smashed and churches burn.

In a statement last week, the U.S. bishops conference addressed an act of arson against a church in Florida; vandalism of Catholic statues around the country; and a fire of unknown cause that devastated a historic mission church in California.

The bishops said, "Following the example of Our Lord, we respond to confusion with understanding and to hatred with love."

But Complicit Clergy, a lay watchdog group, believes the bishops don't go far enough to condemn vandalism and arson, saying "This statement reads like a bowl of mush."

The bishops don't use the word "sin," and caution against judging the vandals' motives.

Complicit Clergy contrasted this with the bishops' statement on George Floyd, which called Floyd's death "a sin that cries out to heaven for justice."

In Boston earlier this month, a statue of Our Lady was the target of arson, and the faithful gathered to pray in reparation.

Around the country, Catholics are countering left-wing vandalism with prayers, vigils and processions — often with little backing from their bishops.

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