BLM Founder Teams Up With Marxist Chinese Org

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  September 17, 2020   

New organization, same pro-communist intent

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DETROIT ( - A Black Lives Matter (BLM) founder is partnering with a U.S.-based Chinese activist organization to promote their common Marxist agenda.

BLM founder Alicia Garza is "principal" of Black Futures Lab (BFL), a BLM-like group funded by the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA). The Heritage Foundation's Senior Fellow Mike Gonzalez revealed on Wednesday the direct ties between the two organizations and exhorts people to see the proof for themselves.

BLM Hides Communist Funding

"Go to the website for the Black Futures Lab, a venture of Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza, and click on the 'Donate' button," he urges. "It will ask you to send your money to an obscure organization, the Chinese Progressive Association, explaining that 'Black Futures Lab is a fiscally sponsored project of the Chinese Progressive Association.'"

The meaning becomes clear when donations are made. Contributors are sent the following message:

Black Futures Lab receipt

BFL is not a U.S.-registered 501(c)3, so donations made directly to BFL are not tax-deductible. By claiming BFL as a fiscally sponsored program of CPA — which is a registered 501(c)3 — donors' gifts are tax-deductible. BFL may not be getting money directly from CPA; but at the very least, CPA is acting as a pass-through organization for BFL.

CPA does not provide on its website a copy of its most recent 990 filing. The most recent 990 filing (2017) is publicly available on the nonprofit portal site Guidestar. The tax document does not show any obvious donations to BLM for that year.

By working under the auspices of CPA, BFL is able to keep revenue and expenditure information secret.

Chinese Progressive Association

Solid information about CPA is scarce. A Stanford University student's senior thesis does provide some background. According to the thesis, available at, CPA has all the earmarks of a communist organization.


CPA leader Lydia Lowe

(Photo: Adam DeTour)

"The CPA began as a leftist, pro-People's Republic of China [PRC] organization, promoting awareness of mainland China's revolutionary thought and workers' rights, and dedicated to self-determination, community control and 'serving the people,'" writes Kaori Tsukada.

Tsukada explains that CPA "worked with other pro-PRC groups within the United States and San Francisco Bay Area ... Support for the PRC was based on the inspiration the members drew from what they saw as a successful grassroots model that presented a viable alternative to Western capitalism."

There appear to be no direct CPA ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but CPA leadership espouses the values and goals of the CCP. In an essay written by CPA leader Lydia Lowe, she delivers the Party line.

Gonzalez describes the direction of Lowe's essay. "Lowe sounded as though she wanted to start another Cold War, writing that she wanted Asians to play a role in creating a 'revolutionary strategy' that would achieve a 'fundamentally different society,'" he writes.

Lowe sounded as though she wanted to start another Cold War.

Gonzalez summarizes the situation.

It is clear, then, that CPA works with China's communist government, pushes its agenda here in the United States, and is regularly praised by China's state-owned mouthpieces. It is clear, too, from, this perspective, why the CPA would sponsor a new enterprise by Garza: They espouse the same desire for world communism.

As Church Militant has reported, BLM is an organization determined to end capitalism. Garza's new enterprise, BFL, has similar intent.

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