Born to Suffer and Die

by Church Militant  •  •  December 25, 2018   

That we might live ...

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Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen wrote that Christ differed among all the leaders of the world in a singular way: "Every other person who ever came into this world came into it to live. He came into it to die." Sheen continued:
It was not so much that His birth cast a shadow on His Life and thus led to His death. It was rather that the Cross was first, and cast its shadow back to His birth. His has been the only life in the world that was ever lived backward. As the flower in the crannied wall tells the poet of nature, and as the atom is the miniature of the solar system, so too, His birth tells the mystery of the gibbet.
Christmas — the birth of Our Lord, Who took on flesh and came into this dark world as a vulnerable, helpless child — is meaningless without understanding the purpose of this Child's life: to take on our sufferings and struggles all throughout His 33 years of life, culminating in agony, abandonment and death on the Cross. But the death accomplished for Him and for the world victory over sin and eternal death, opening the gates of Heaven to the just, who had long awaited their Savior, and to all future generations of souls willing to receive His love.

Christ came primarily as Savior — which means we, each individual soul, need saving. From what? From ourselves, our desire for the bad that leads to enslavement to sin, which leads to eternal death, eternal separation from God, in short, Hell.

No man has the power to free himself from the clutches of sin; Christ alone can accomplish it, for any soul willing to accept His grace and resolve to live as He wills. And that grace is freely given to all — but it must be sought after and accepted. Our Lord will force no man into Heaven. We must sincerely desire Truth, seek after it, and God will reveal Himself.

"Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace to men of good will." -Luke 2:14

From all of us at Church Militant: a happy and holy Christmas.


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