Boston LGTBQs Threatened by Straight Pride Parade

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by Bruce Walker  •  •  June 7, 2019   

Super Happy Fun America mocks social justice warriors

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Super Happy Fun America (SHFA) is giving "woke" Bostonians the heebie-jeebies over its plans to mount a "Straight Pride Parade" in Beantown this August.

The SHFA group promotes itself as "all-inclusive," which it implies is not the case with the annual city-sanctioned LGBTQ parade.

"LGBTQ is now LGBTQS," reads a cartoon woman wearing a "Make America Great Again" headband on the SHFA website. "The 'S' is for Straight. It's more inclusive this way."

The SHFA is helmed by John Hugo, a former Republican candidate for the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Predictably, the response from many left-of-center commentators has been to label the group "homophobic."

The city's mayor and LGBTQ community, for example, in addition to several celebrities with Boston roots, are not amused.

The group may be masking a serious point beneath what would seem to most sane people a parody of social justice warriors and the methods they employ.

Captain America actor Chris Evans, for example, tweeted the SHFA members are closeted homosexuals, which apparently is bad in this specific context, although positive in every other circumstance. Evans' brother is reportedly gay.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh rejected a previous request to fly a straight pride flag in front of Boston City Hall last April, prompting SHFA to issue the following statement:

We are disappointed that the Walsh administration has chosen hate and discrimination. However, we understand that some segments of society, such as the municipal government, may be hesitant to embrace progress. Therefore, we have decided to launch a campaign to educate the public, politicians, and civil servants about the straight community and the unique problems we face.

In addition, SHFA commented:

We have determined that a parade would be the best way to promote our community and its diverse history, culture, and identity. We anticipate that the city will eventually choose to embrace tolerance and inclusivity. For now, it is necessary to remind the city that they are legally obligated to treat straight people the same as people of other sexual orientations. [A Boston ordinance] prohibits discrimination based upon sexual orientation in places of public accommodation. While Boston Pride hosts a week-long celebration every year for the LGBTQ+ community, we will settle for one day since our movement is in the early stages.

The SHFA list of demands includes: "Same parade route as the Boston Pride parade; Same accommodations as the Boston Pride parade including street closings and the inclusion of vehicles and floats; Permission to raise the Straight Pride Flag on Boston City Hall flag poles; and Add 'S' to LGBTQ because it's more inclusive that way."

For all the offense and virtue signaling directed at SHFA, there appears no recognition that the group may be masking a serious point beneath what would seem to most sane people a parody of social justice warriors and the methods they employ. It wasn't too long ago that the term "gay" simply meant "Super Happy Fun," after all.

Furthermore, SHFA has correctly used subtle humor to depict another strategy of progressive activism, one of which is the use of the term "hate" to characterize any effort to stymie the agenda of minority groups perceived as marginalized.

What SHFA seems to desire isn't really permission to parade heterosexuality through the streets of Boston. Although I could be wrong on this (my emails to SHFA were unanswered), it seems to me — whether SHFA's stated requests are a ruse or not — it does display a prevalent double standard in the political, news and entertainment media favoring LGBTQ behavior over heteronormative lifestyles.

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