Boy Scouts Face Sex Abuse Allegations

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by David Nussman  •  •  August 9, 2019   

Abuse claims from former scouts draw comparisons to Catholic abuse scandals

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The Boy Scouts are facing allegations of widespread sexual abuse — drawing comparisons to the Catholic priest abuse scandals.

A group of lawyers recently announced that some 800 men are alleging they were sexually abused when they were Boy Scouts by scout leaders and other adults involved in scouting.

And on Monday, a Pennsylvania man filed suit against the Boy Scouts of America, claiming that an assistant scoutmaster molested him dozens of times in the 1970s when he was in his early teens.

Some predict the scouts will be facing many more abuse lawsuits in the near future.

News of the Boy Scout abuse allegations has led to comparisons with the Catholic clerical abuse scandals.

For instance, the Boy Scouts of America have secretive files about "ineligible volunteers" — or people barred from volunteering with the scouts owing in some cases to abuse. These files have been compared to the secret files stored by Catholic dioceses on abusive priests.

Just as with multiple Catholic dioceses sued over sex abuse, some of the Boy Scouts' secret files have been revealed with a slew of lawsuits and investigative reporting.

And the abuse found in both the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts shares one thread in common: It's a problem primarily of homosexual predation of young males by people in positions of authority.

As both Church and state officials continue their widening probe into sex abuse, some Catholics are waiting for a federal investigation to bring the reckoning they long for.

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