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by Martina Moyski  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 12, 2021   

Gay chorus issues counterstatement

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The LGBT lobby is playing the victim card — again — claiming "far-right conservative media" are "misunderstanding" them after they released a video threatening to "come for your children." Church Militant's Martina Moyski has more.

Milo Yiannopoulos: "Pray for them. Pity them. Do ... whatever you do, keep them away from your children."

The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus issued a statement Thursday after serious blowback for the musical video, "We're coming for your children."

San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus: "We're coming for your children. We're coming for your children."

One person reacting on Twitter called it "one of the most creepiest songs I've ever heard in my life."

Another said: "Anyone that finds this acceptable is part of the problem."

Milo: "That so many members of the San Francisco Men's Chorus are exposed as sex pests and even child molesters. USA Today — 'Oh it was all tongue-in-cheek, just a merry jape.'" 

Chorus spokesmen claimed the disturbing lyrics are taken "out of context" and their "tongue-in-cheek humor" is lost on the less enlightened.

They complained of threats of violence and vowed to fight against people sharing copies of the video online.

Milo: "Make no mistake. This is a victory. And I think people are going to be asking themselves after this: Is cancel culture really so bad? Or is it just that conservatives and Christians are rubbish at it? And shouldn't we in fact be doing a lot more of this in the future? I think so."

More people are refusing to fall for the LGBT narrative of victimhood, waking up to its ultimate goal of corrupting children — even when the message is couched in jest.

Since the gay chorus video was released, sources are outing some of the singers as registered sex offenders.

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