Brave Jesuit Dean Banished for Refusing Jab

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  March 28, 2022   

Pontifical institute punishes noted scholar for conscientious objection

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ROME ( - The Pontifical Oriental Institute (POI) in Rome has banished the dean of the faculty of Oriental Ecclesiastical Sciences to Brazil for his conscientious objection to the abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccine. 

A lecture in progress at the Pontifical Oriental Institute

Father Massimo Pampaloni, S.J., a world-renowned authority on Syriac Christology and a consultor to the Vatican's Congregation for the Oriental Churches, was punished for refusing to take the jab, Church Militant has learned. 

Pampaloni single-handedly stood against the draconian jab mandates despite pressure from confreres, superiors and the State, while almost every other Jesuit in Rome capitulated to the vaccine narrative, a Rome-based oriental studies scholar told Church Militant.  

"For a dean and leading scholar at the world's most prestigious oriental studies pontifical school to be stripped of his position and shunted to another continent by his own Jesuit community despite the Vatican stating that vaccination is voluntary is unprecedented," the scholar observed.  

School Might Cave?

Fr. David Nazar, S.J., rector of the POI, refused to release any information about the Jesuit community's punitive measures against Fr. Pampaloni or whether the priest would be reinstated as dean after Italy withdraws its vaccine mandates on March 31.  

I'm disgusted. You're allowed to use your conscience as a Catholic.

"For reasons of privacy protection, we do not give any information about it," the rector's office told Church Militant Monday. Nazar, a Canadian of Ukrainian origin, was formerly superior of the Jesuits in Ukraine and provincial of the English Canada province.

Pampaloni is currently assigned the position of visiting professor at the Jesuit School of Philosophy and Theology, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 


After his expulsion, the priest updated his Twitter bio to read: "In Brazil, for now, waiting for a dream/sign." On Sunday, Pampaloni tweeted: "We all need support to bear fruit. Admitting it and being thankful for it leaves your heart light and your smile assured."

Italian-born Pampaloni was first sent to Brazil during his Jesuit formation in 2001 to obtain a bachelor's degree in theology. He is fluent in Portuguese. 

Jesuit superiors and heads of institutions are creating 'vaccinated only' ghettos.

The website of the POI, where Pampaloni served as vice rector from 2010 to 2016, retains the priest's page on its list of faculty profiles. 

"Every other year, I teach several courses as visiting professor of patristics at the FAJE (Faculdade Jesuita de Filosofia e Teologia di Belo Horizonte, (MG), Brazil) and in other Brazilian faculties of theology," the professor writes. 

Fr. David Nazar, rector of the Pontifical Oriental Institute

Church Militant's source noted:

The Pontifical Oriental Institute cannot afford to lose such an outstanding academic for too long. Currently, they simply cannot find a replacement for him — which is why they are playing the game by banishing him and will then allow him to return from exile after making an example of him.

Jesuit Casualties

In October, Fr. Jacquineau Azétsop, S.J., a 48-year-old priest from Cameroon and dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Pontifical Gregorian University, died at Rome's Gemelli hospital after suffering blood clots in the brain — an established side effect of vaccination against COVID-19.

In the same month, Fr. Linus Kujur, S.J., a 69-year-old priest from India and professor of missiology at the Gregorian, died after suffering from a "progressive dysfunction of vital organs." The Jesuit contracted COVID-19 even though he was double jabbed.   

In Brazil, for now, waiting for a dream/sign.

Several Jesuit communities all over the world have reporting high levels of COVID-19 among its members, even after the booster shot. 

Coercion, Vax 'Ghettos'

Jesuit superiors and heads of institutions are creating "vaccinated only" ghettos by excluding religious, faculty, students and staff who have not taken the COVID-19 injections and, in some cases, even the booster shots, Church Militant earlier reported

In an extreme case of vaccine coercion, the Jesuits' West Province in the United States (UWE) ordered in September that "all Jesuits ... be fully vaccinated or plan to begin the vaccination process in the next three days." 

Pope Francis with Jesuit Superior General Sosa at the POI

According to the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) list, 17 of the 21 institutions listed (including Boston College, Fordham University, Le Moyne College and Regis University) require compulsory vaccinations for all students, faculty and staff.

"I'm disgusted. You're allowed to use your conscience as a Catholic," Stephanie Grimes, a registered nurse from New York, told the Boston Herald after her daughter's request for an exemption was rejected. "On so many levels, Boston College is wrong. They need to back down."

In August, 11 students at Loyola University, Chicago won a legal victory over the vaccine mandate after refusing to take the jab on grounds of conscientious objection to abortion.  

Pagan 'Remedy'?

Meanwhile, an official list of Jesuit colleges and universities mandating the COVID-19 jab for students, faculty and staff is recommending Ignatian yoga and providing a collection of 40 videos to facilitate the practice, which is inextricably rooted in Hinduism, Church Militant reported.

The Ignatian video collection endorses Hindu practices including the Surya Namaskar, or the "salutation to the sun," which involves 12 asanas (yogic positions) dedicated to the solar deity Surya with Hindu mantras (chants), each preceded by the Hindu primeval sound "Om."   

Church Militant has contacted Fr. Pampaloni for comment.

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