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by James Fedewa  •  •  March 12, 2022   

Cleveland fights for life

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This weekend, in Cleveland, Ohio, pro-lifers from across the country are gathering to hear talks, listen to stories and build the movement through networking.

Church Militant's James Fedewa, talks to the crowd who traveled far and wide to stand up for life. 

The "Bringing America Back to Life" conference began today, with a kickoff speech from Church Militant's very own, Michael Voris.

Michael Voris, founder, Church Militant:

If you refuse to say the fullness of the truth to someone and you think you are going to stand in front of Our Lord, Who gave you the fullness of the truth, and yet you refuse to pass it on, and think somehow you're just waltzing into Heaven, you've got a second thought coming.

Persecuted priest Fr. James Altman made an appearance as well, riling up the gathered faithful to fight for truth and life.

Fr. Altman: "I'm told that a lot of the bishops are mad at me because they're Democrats. Well, bishop, you should be thanking me that somebody finally stood up in your face and said, 'You're godless. You're dammed. Repent, recant and lead the people as you should.'"

In the lobby of the hotel where the event was held, rows of booths lined the hallways with organizations from around the country. Church Militant was able to get some exclusive interviews. 

Kevin Ritchie, Tradition, Family, Property member:

The reason why we come to this conference is that the pro-life issue is very important in the overall culture war. Now, the culture war, though, is part of a much bigger battle between the forces of evil. Without the family, you can't truly have a civilization of any kind, much less a Christian civilization. 

That was Kevin Ritchie, an Ohio representative for Tradition, Family, Property, an organization that is on the front line, standing up for Christian values in America.

Heaven's Gain Ministries made an appearance, a nationwide group that provides caskets for couples going through a miscarriage. 

Donna Murphy, Heaven's Gain Ministries member:

What is terrible in our country is that we do not have laws giving parents the right to bury their baby in most states in the United States. In less [sic] than 20 states are there laws giving parents the right to claim their baby's body and to have them buried or cremated. And so that's really important; if we want dignity for the baby, we need to have rights in all 50 states.  

And last but certainly not least, Church Militant's Cleveland Resistance made an appearance. And, of course, what's a Church Militant Evening News without showcasing our brave "resistos"?

Liz Kent, Church Militant Cleveland Resistance captain: "Each year, we've grown. Our membership has grown quite a bit, so, now, we've got more volunteers that are assisting in the booth space and things like that." 

The Cleveland Resistance chapter has been fighting hard in both the war for the Church and the war in politics.

Kent: "We have a political group in our midst that has worked on campaigns to assist with a solid candidate that ran for a district in Ohio Congress."

Baby killers on Capitol Hill are hell bent on keeping abortion legal, but this pro-life mustering isn't going down without a fight. 

This is Cleveland Right to Life's 13th annual BABL conference. It's grown steadily over the years, to the point where this conference is completely sold out.

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