UK Catholic Mom Questioned by Police for Misgendering

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by Anita Carey  •  •  March 20, 2019   

Complainant admits to going after journalist for using her public platform

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LONDON ( - After appearing on a public debate over transgender leaders in the Girl Guides, a Catholic mother of five could be facing jail time for misgendering a transgender activist's child.

On Monday, Caroline Farrow, a Catholic journalist and mother of five, was contacted by Surrey Police over a complaint she violated the U.K. Malicious Communications Act of 2003 with a potential "malicious communication."

The issue stemmed from a September 2018 appearance on a Good Morning Britain segment about transgender issues. She appeared with Susie Green, the mother of a transgender child, Jackie Green. Farrow allegedly misgendered Jackie in a tweet in October.

Farrow told Spectator USA, "I am being interviewed under caution for misgendering Susie Green's daughter. It's all rather Orwellian and rather scary."

"The thing is, I can't even remember what I said," Farrow added. "My tweets automatically delete after two weeks, so they are [investigating] me for tweets which have been deleted but which caused offense to Susie Green."

Susie Green admitted on Wednesday, on Victoria Derbyshire's show, that she was the one who contacted the police. She said it is not uncommon for people to misgender Jacke.

"What was uncommon was that this was a journalist that has a public platform to use that to send very deliberately malicious, nasty messages," Susie said.

She added that is wasn't just the misgendering that caused her to call the police but the accusations that she was an abusive mother and "the stuff around mutilation, castration ... and she constantly refers to my daughter as a boy."

Susie is the founder of Mermaids, a transgender support charity. She said that they encourage people to report malicious social media posts to the police as hate incidents and said, "I didn't feel, as the CEO of a charity that supports transgender children and young people, that it was right that I didn't do the same when I was subjected to that."

The Surrey Police have confirmed they are investigating the incident to determine if any criminal acts have been committed. They said, "A 44-year-old woman has been asked to attend a voluntary interview in relation to the allegation as part of our ongoing investigation."

Farrow was told by police that she "misgendered" Jackie and potentially broke the law.

She responded to the show in a tweet, saying, "This is a public witch-hunt."


Farrow clarified she was also asked to be on Victoria Derbyshire's show.


Jackie was born a male and named Jack. In a 2015 column for The Independent, Susie misgendered her own child, saying, "At four-years-old, my child told me that God had made a mistake and that he should have been a girl."

She concluded the piece with another misgender saying, "I have a daughter, whole and alive, but if I had refused to listen then it's very likely that I would have a dead son."

Jackie started taking puberty blockers at age 12 after multiple suicide attempts. In 2012, Jackie became the youngest person to undergo gender reassignment surgery at age 16.

After the transition, Jackie has gone on to be a finalist in beauty pageants and said, "Loads of kids go through stages, some people go down the transgender route and then change their minds, mostly because they don't have the support of their family."

The BBC made a documentary about the family titled Transsexual Teen, Beauty Queen and shows Susie laughingly explaining how the puberty-blocking drugs retarded the growth of Jackie's anatomy so they opted to choose castration over penile inversion for the gender reassignment.

"Not to put too fine a point on it, there wasn't much there to work with," she said before snickering.

In 1999, The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism did a study on the long-term effects of castration [warning: link contains graphic material] on pre-pubescent boys and men and found there are numerous long-term health risks. They cited enlargement of the pituitary glands that corresponded to the age of the boy — younger boys had more enlargement — osteoporosis, failure of closure of the epiphyses [bones], development of gynecomastia and the apparent disappearance of the prostate.

The authors' comments are most telling, saying, "Hopefully, it will never again be possible to repeat the studies reviewed in this paper, as in more recent times we have used different means of expressing man's inhumanity to man."

Under the Malicious Communications Act, any messages that are for purposes of causing distress or anxiety, or deemed threatening, indecent, grossly offensive, contain false or believed-to-be-false information could be considered a criminal act. If Farrow is convicted of malicious communications, she could be facing fines and prison times of six months to two years.

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