Britney Spears Crosses the Tiber

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by Milo Yiannopoulos  •  •  August 6, 2021   

Wrecked by Hollywood, healed by Rome

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Britney Spears has revealed on Instagram, somewhat casually, that she is now a Catholic, and that she attends Mass. No one knows where, exactly, the troubled singer is in the process of full conversion, but well-wishing observers have excitedly pointed to an intercession by Mel Gibson, first reported in July, during which he told the star to turn to God and that only Christianity would save her.

Mel Gibson and Britney Spears

Until this week, Spears' mental decline had been heartbreaking to watch. She has been locked up for a decade, unable to make financial or life decisions for herself. A cabal of Hollywood turbo-dykes has been running her conservatorship, keeping her prisoner for their own enrichment — and probably sick enjoyment. She was coming apart. Her soul was screaming out for relief. You could see it in her eyes.

And yet, now there is hope. We should treat the news that Spears "is Catholic now" with cautious optimism, of course — though, personally, I confess I rejoiced. She will be a hot mess for a long time, and perhaps forever. But who am I, of all people, to condemn a hot mess? I know better than anyone the healing power of Almighty God and His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

We should care about Spears because we are all Britney Spears. We are all suffering under a corrupt, self-serving and venal conservatorship, which we call "globohomo," the international network of banks, NGOs, secret societies and overarching global governance bodies that decide whether and how we may live. We have no authority to shake off these manacles. Our freedoms are being curtailed, and our souls are in crisis. Spears is, once again, a perfect shorthand for the American zeitgeist.

Spears' lesbian manager and lesbian lawyer, in cahoots with her grasping father, perpetuated a conservatorship only necessary in the first place because the demonic machinery of Hollywood took a beautiful young girl and wrecked her. The truly diabolical thing is, Spears wasn't gone in the head when they imprisoned her "for her own good." It was just the usual celebrity wackiness, shaving her head and getting a bit too dependent on prescriptions from Dr. Feelgood.

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She was instead driven mad by the cure. Does that remind you of anything? Because it should. It's an almost perfect allegory for the world under COVID tyranny. Americans never died of COVID, unless they were very old or very fat, but they sure are dying of the deadly and evil vaccines. Spears wasn't crackers when all this began, but, in a cruel, sadistic irony, the isolation imposed on her took its toll and began to break her. We feel her pain, don't we? 

But who am I, of all people, to condemn a hot mess? I know better than anyone the healing power of Almighty God and His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

I haven't seen anyone else report this, but I have it on good authority from friends in the music business that, last year, Spears burned down her home gymnasium in a desperate bid for attention. It makes you wonder: What did Britney see? Why did she have to be silenced like this? What does she know? And about whom? And would anyone today believe her? Pray for Britney, friends. I am.

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