CA Abortion Apocalypse

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by Paul Murano  •  •  August 26, 2022   

Slew of bills pending

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In the blood-soaked land of California, over a dozen new abortion bills may become law next week, locking in the Golden State's Culture of Death.

Church Militant's Paul Murano speaks with the fiery California pro-life lawyer Susan Swift, a former Hollywood actress and mother of seven, on what she calls the upcoming "abortion apocalypse."  

Attorney Susan Swift, director of outreach and engagement, Right to Life League: "The last day to vote on all of these bills is Aug. 31. So I think we're seven days now until the apocalypse of abortion, the abortion apocalypse."

California's Legislature is about to vote on several abortion bills.

One of those measures is a referendum to amend the state's constitution to guarantee as a civil right prenatal murder.

Swift: "One of the fundamental problems with Proposition 1 is that it places a subordinate right—the right to privacy—above a primary right, which is the right to life. You can't have privacy unless you're alive."

Another initiative is what they're calling the "abortion tourism bill," that would make the Golden State a mecca for child-killing.


There are a slew of bills. They're all abortion-expansion bills, the worst of which is AB 2223, which will legalize infanticide, effectively. Also, SB 1142, which is the abortion tourism bill. It's going to pay for everyone and anyone — even if you identify as pregnant, you can come into California and get your free abortion.

And if this isn't enough, well, Satan's minions are just getting started.

Swift: "There are so many laws. They are lowering the medical standards and procedures and oversights by doctors. They are funding abortion massively in pilot programs, abortion access, reproductive justice. You name it, they are funding it."

But not all is lost. In fact, this "David" is optimistic about her state's chances against "Goliath."

Swift: "We could actually sweep the Legislature, we could actually clean house. But it means you must stand up and do something for life."

Since national trends often begin in California, there is something you can do to stave off the blood-soaked agenda of the Left Coast.

Swift: "If you ever want to know, Well gee, how can I really help the pro-life movement? It's out here in California. You go to our website at"

Pro-lifers know the right to life is paramount, from the beginning of our existence at conception. 

Despite Attorney Swift's optimism, a new survey by the U.C. Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies indicates 71% of registered voters approve of Proposition 1, which would enshrine in state law killing children up until birth.

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