California Parents Protesting Perverts Reading to Children

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  September 3, 2019   

Outraged parents trying to stop drag queen story hour in Chula Vista

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. ( - Concerned parents in California are trying to keep drag queens away from children.

On Aug. 29, members of the family advocacy group MassResistance and concerned parents gathered outside the Otay Ranch Library in Chula Vista, California, to protest a drag queen story hour (DQSH) scheduled to take place on Sept. 10 where a man using the drag name Strawberry Corncakes will read to children during South Bay Pride Week.

A press conference was held early in the afternoon with several dozen local supporters in attendance. Arthur Schaper, an activist associated with MassResistance, told Church Militant there were six counter-protesters also present, calling the pro-family advocates "white supremacists" because of their objection to the drag queen story hour.

Schaper also noted that local parents who were visiting the library didn't initially know about the press conference enthusiastically took to the podium and condemned the idea of drag queens reading to children.

Steve Padilla, an openly homosexual member of the city council, criticized the protesters, asserting, "[S]ome voices both from inside and outside our community have chosen to use the upcoming Drag Queen Storytime as an opportunity to perpetuate long-discredited false and discriminatory narratives targeting the LGBTQ+ community in the name of protecting children."

But only a week earlier, a third drag queen was exposed as having committed sex-related crimes. David Lee Richardson had been reading to children at the drag queen story hour in Austin, Texas, using the drag name Miss Kitty Litter ATX.

According to MassResistance, Richardson posted "perverse jokes and allusions to prostitution on social media, which strongly suggests that he has no qualms about the sex trade. Some posts suggest that he has not left the prostitution/sex trade at all."

An image deleted from the Portland Public Library's
website after public outcry.

Two other Texas drag queen story hour readers have also been revealed to be convicted child sex offenders. William Travis Dees, using the drag name Lisa Lott, was incarcerated and listed as a high-risk sex offender in 2004 after he abused multiple children between ages 4–8.

Dees is also a member of Space City Sisters, a homosexual group that mocks the Catholic Church by dressing as nuns.

A library in Portland, Oregon, took down pictures from its website showing drag queens touching children inappropriately — but only after public outcry.

Libby Emmons asserts in The Federalist:

Makeup tutorials, photos of kids laying atop grown men who are wearing sexualized female costumes, and encouraging gender fluidity gives truth to the lie that drag story hour isn't about sexuality or sexualizing children. Children are drawn to sparkles and glitter, and using those things to make sexuality seem like mere play is nothing more than grooming kids to be sexual objects, not participants. ...

[S]ex play for kids opens the door to predatory behavior by adults and much confusion for kids. Sexuality is not glitter and rainbows, it's not about unicorns, puppets, and makeup tutorials. It is serious, and children are too young to understand how serious.

Although the story hour and other LGBT library events have been conducted in cities across the United States — even receiving city funds — outraged parents are making a difference.

A DQSH event in Leander, outside of Austin, Texas, was shut down after concerned citizens debated members of the town council allowing the event to take place.

In Delaware, Ohio, a class to teach children how to dress in drag was canceled after people lodged numerous complaints with the library.

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