Canada’s Catholic Collapse

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by Nadia Bullock  •  •  November 1, 2022   

Dissenting prelates lead many astray

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What was once a great Catholic nation is now on a downward spiral. Church Militant's Nadia Bullock discusses how much further Canada has fallen.

Last week, Statistics Canada released its latest figures on religion. As of 2021, the Catholic population is down to 29.9%, a decline of almost 2 million people in 10 years.

In Quebec, known for being a majority-Catholic province, the Catholic population dropped by nearly 21 percentage points.

As people have left the Church, the number of nondenominational residents in Canada has increased, reaching 7.6% — a doubling from 2011.

Church Militant has chronicled the decades of decline in the FBI: Canadian Collapse.

One of the missteps of Canada's Catholic bishops is the 1968 Winnipeg Statement, a response to Pope Paul VI's reaffirming contraception is immoral.

The Winnipeg Statement told the faithful to use their conscience when it comes to contraception.

Then-Fr. Gregory Baum, later laicized, led the vanguard of dissent, paving the way for the Winnipeg statement. He printed many articles and traveled Canada and the United States claiming Catholics had the right to dissent against Humanae Vitae.

Michael Voris:

In addition to the moral and spiritual evils introduced by the Winnipeg statement, the social evils have been manifold. The contraceptive mentality has led to high rates of abortion, adultery, cohabitation, divorce, single-parent homes, children born out of wedlock, pornography, homosexuality and child abuse — not to mention a proliferation of invalid marriages.

All it takes is a few good bishops to stand up against bad leadership to prevent such a decline of the Faith.

A year after the Winnipeg Statement, the bishops doubled down on letting laity use contraception if they "discern" it's OK. In following years, other bishops tried to right the ship and distance themselves from the statement.

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