Canadian ‘Gestapo’

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by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  •  May 18, 2021   

Pastor exposes political 'vendetta'

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A Canadian pastor and his brother were recently released on bail after breaking pandemic-related restrictions. Church Militant's William Mahoney explores what happened while [the pastor and his brother were] in custody.

Artur Pawlowski: "They're doing this to me. They're going to come after you. It's just a matter of time."

Police and prison guards physically abused and mocked this pastor's Christian faith after arresting him earlier this month for holding church services that violated pandemic-related restrictions.

This according to Pr. Artur Pawlowski in an interview on Thursday with Rebel News.

Pawlowski recounted how he and his brother were mistreated from the moment of arrest.

Artur Pawlowski: "One officer said to another one, 'If he kicks you, I'm going to charge him with assault.' Can you imagine? They're trying to fit a guy in this little space — face down, like head down, upside down — and they're threatening me with assault as they're assaulting me."

The brothers were taken to Spy Hill Jail and thrown into a concrete cell with nothing but a light. The personnel on shift denied the pastor's request for a Bible, and with nowhere to sit or lay down for an extended period, he and his brother were also deprived of sleep.

Artur Pawlowski:

I say most of them have a vendetta; it has become personal. It looks like me challenging their authority — that's unacceptable, me having a big mouth. When I open my mouth, they don't like it. So it was clear. You could see. It was a vendetta. They recognized us right away. They knew who we were. They were mocking us. One jailor put his hands like, "Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord," and [was] laughing at us and pointing at us, totally mocking our Faith — mocking us.

When the shifts changed, the new officer was upset with the awful treatment and rectified it to the best of his ability. But the two brothers were quickly transferred to Calgary Remand Center.

Artur Pawlowski: "They throw us into this filthy cell. After all, I thought all of this is about health, about keeping people safe. Listen, what a hoax. What garbage. What a big, fat lie. We were thrown with another maybe 30 inmates that we witnessed coming and going in that same cell."
Similar to what happened with the second shift at Spy Hill Jail, the Remand Center's second shift also had kinder personnel, who did everything in their power to treat the brothers as human beings.

Artur Pawlowski: 

We have become political prisoners in Canada because we dare to challenge their corruption. That's what it is — the whole system is corrupted. The politicians are corrupted people. The jail system is corrupted. If they can do this to me, they can do this to you and anyone they wish.

Pawlowski's warning is reminiscent of German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller's post-war confessional prose, "First They Came." The prose is about the silence of German intellectuals, that allowed the Nazis' rise to power. Polish immigrants, the Pawlowski brothers referred to the police and jail staff, who treated them with neither respect nor mercy, as "Gestapo."

Lest anybody thinks this can't happen in America, last March, a pastor at a Tampa Bay megachurch was arrested for disobeying rules on gathering. The charges were ultimately dropped.

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