Canadian Transgender Seeking Brazilian Wax Hammered by Leftists

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by Bruce Walker  •  •  July 25, 2019   

Jonathan Yaniv, who goes by 'Jessica,' gives indications of being a pedophile

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This article contains disturbing content.

VICTORIA, British Columbia ( - The unforeseen consequences of so-called social justice have become reality as a heterosexual man who masquerades as a woman has sued multiple Canadian facilities for refusing to perform a painful hair removal procedure on his genitals.

The incidents have caused widespread outrage among not only conservatives but libertarians and transgender activists as well who collectively agree the man named Jonathan Yaniv who calls himself Jessica is not a true transgender individual.

Instead, they suspect Yaniv is a deeply disturbed man and potential pedophile who previously this month unsuccessfully attempted to host three unchaperoned topless pool parties for children of both genders as young as 12. In fact, Yaniv has a long history of attempting to enter women's restrooms while dressed as a woman.

Additionally, he has indicated through numerous social media posts that he possesses an unhealthy fascination with both underage women and hygiene related to the female reproductive cycle.

One facility has already been shuttered after Yaniv filed human rights abuse cases against 16 businesses that denied him waxing services upon his scrotum. In at least one instance, Yaniv scheduled a Brazilian waxing appointment at a salon without divulging the fact his male reproductive organs were intact. When he arrived for his appointment and it became obvious he still possessed a penis and testicles, he was denied service.

Yaniv sued, claiming discrimination despite one Sikh woman claiming that her religion forbids her to touch the intimate anatomy of a man other than her husband. Other women claimed their respective training didn't include instruction in waxing male genitalia.

According to a July 22 article in the Toronto Sun, Yaniv compared business owner Marcia Da Silva to a neo-Nazi before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. Da Silva's attorney, Jay Cameron, made the point that Yaniv scheduled a Brazilian wax, which specifically refers to removing pubic hair from a woman's groin. Since Yaniv still sports male genitalia, it was incumbent upon him to request what is known gender specifically as a "brozilian."

Either way, Cameron asserted, Da Silva had no experience in removing hair from a male groin and would have been professionally negligent had she attempted to perform a brozilian wax on Yaniv. The attorney also called into question Yaniv's credibility after the man posted a fake profile picture of a pregnant woman on his Facebook site and noted Yaniv was attempting to "coerce intimate services."

As noted above, even LGBTQ activists find Yaniv's activities offensive. His Twitter feed, named after the website he edits, TrustedNerd, features a sampling of those opposed to Yaniv's tactics, including:

Other individuals attempting to refute Yaniv's activities and statements have been subsequently banned from Twitter after Yaniv complained such individuals as Canadian journalist Meghan Murphy and free speech advocate Lindsay Shepherd refused to refer to him using feminine pronouns.

According to Shepherd:

I was literally banned from Twitter for "hateful conduct." When there are actually hateful accounts, sending death threats and rape threats, sometimes those are not taken down. I've had to report some creepy messages myself. Yes, I got into a spar with Jessica Yaniv, but I don't think he should be able to make rude comments about me without me being able to fight back. People say I should have ignored it, but what he said was so crude and disgusting that I needed to fight back or I would just be letting it happen.

In her essay, Shepherd gives a full recounting of her Twitter interaction with Yaniv. However, the comments made by Yaniv are too graphic and misogynistic for reprinting in this publication.

Writing for the libertarian, socially liberal publication Reason, Robby Soave noted:

[It's] hard not to draw some parallels to the high-profile dispute surrounding Masterpiece Cake Shop, a bakery in Denver, Colorado, that has faced lawsuits from gay couples who claim the Christian owner's refusal to cater same-sex weddings violates anti-discrimination law. ...

We should also view these sorts of cases as periodic reminders that there are some unreasonably awful people out there, and even well-meaning laws can be dangerous in their hands.

Perhaps the most damning indictment of Yaniv comes from another transgender, Blaire White:

"An obviously predatory male is attempting to use the force of law to coerce females to touch his private parts and — unbelievably — a Canadian human-rights tribunal is entertaining this demand," wrote Madeleine Kearns in National Review. "Yaniv has so perfectly exposed the absurdity of gender policies that it would scarcely be surprising if he turned out to be a troll."

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