Cardinal Bashes Nationalism

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by Joseph Enders  •  •  June 11, 2021   

Praises Biden administration

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ROME ( - A top European prelate is dissing European nationalism and celebrating Joe Biden's administration. 

Cdl. Jean-Claude Hollerich

While reflecting on the so-called pandemic, Cdl. Jean-Claude Hollerich of Luxembourg took time in a Thursday interview to promote the European Union (EU). He also took the opportunity to blast those who stand against the EU's hegemony over Western Europe.

"It gives us some humility, but also shows the necessity of the European integration process because, without that process, we would be back in 1914 and 1939," charged Hollerich.

For him, the risk of returning to a time of world war is "very real," citing the formation of nationalist parties across the continent as evidence of a return to this dangerous period in world history. 

The cardinal went on to take a slighted jab at the Trump administration while praising Biden's. "Europe is still fragile, and therefore, we have to do everything to support Europe," he argues. "And I’m very happy that the American administration will now be supporting Europe."

Muslim Migration Warning

When asked about migration changing the identity of Europe, he disagreed: "I do not think so, because if you look at the number of migrants, the percentage they make and our numbers, then we must be very weak and they very strong if they are a threat to our identity."

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The claim comes despite a radical increase of Muslims entering Western Europe since 2010. Muslims made up roughly 5% of the population in 2016 (roughly 26 million people).

Between 2010 and 2016, Europe took in millions of Islamic migrants. Because of this, Pew Research projects that in 2050, the Muslim population could skyrocket to 14%.

Policies Preserving Christendom

In countries like Poland and Hungary, nationalists are geared toward preserving their Catholic identity — typically supporting pro-life and pro-family causes and counteracting the Muslim immigration pushed by the EU and its supporters.

Nationalists are geared toward preserving their Catholic identity — typically supporting pro-life and pro-family causes and counteracting the Muslim immigration pushed by the EU and its supporters.

In January, Poland's Catholic and nationalist government put into effect some of the strongest protections for unborn life — only allowing abortions for pregnancies from rape and threats to the life of the mother. 

In Hungary, nationalist politicians implemented several successful pro-family policies as a substitute for mass immigration and demographic replacement. 

Pope Leo XIII

In 2020, Hungary's Central Statistical Office reported the number of marriages has almost doubled compared to the same period in 2019. It also represented the highest January number since 1982. The government dubbed the increase a "wedding boom." 

The birth rate also trended upward in 2020. Almost 10% more births were reported compared to 2019, showing an approximate ratio increase from 1.4 to 1.6 children per family.

Practiced Christianity Preserves Heritage 

Pope Leo XIII declared in an 1890 encyclical on Christians as citizens that "supernatural love for the Church and the natural love of our own country proceed from the same eternal principle, since God Himself is their Author and originating Cause," given they aren't colliding with each another.

For majority-Catholic nations that root their identity in the tradition of the Church, citizens are not only called but bound to preserve their heritage. And if the cardinal is asking faithful Catholics to stray from this natural virtue, he could potentially stifle the promotion of the faith in Western Europe.

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