BREAKING: Cardinal’s Paper Publishes Heresy

by Ryan Fitzgerald  •  •  September 11, 2015   

A heterodox priest is using the archdiocese of Boston's official paper to push a dangerous synod agenda

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LEXINGTON, Mass., September 11, 2015 ( - A notorious dissenting priest in the archdiocese of Boston, Msgr. Paul Garrity, is advocating for heretical changes at the upcoming Ordinary Synod on the Family — and he's doing so with the help of the archdiocese of Boston's official newspaper, The Pilot.

In an article published earlier today, Msgr. Garrity, pastor of Sacred Heart and St. Brigid parishes in Lexington, addressing the "hopes and fears" surrounding this fall's synod, effectively smears proponents of orthodoxy while promoting blatant heresy. In his article, pitting "history and experience against dogmatism and unchanging truths," he takes up Cdl. Walter Kasper's scandalous proposal for finding a way to let civilly divorced and "remarried" adulterers receive Holy Communion.

The monsignor, in favor of such a path, then proceeds to dismiss defenders of traditional Church doctrine as if they're simply too fear-bound and pharisaical to appreciate the "love" and "truth" of the heterodox "Kasper proposal." Traditional, faithful Catholics, says Msgr. Garrity, merely "fear that the teachings of the Church will fall like a house of cards if we begin to tinker with something like allowing divorced people to receive Holy Communion."

That's when the outlandish repudiation of binding Catholic doctrine begins.

Though they [traditionalists] don't say so in so many words, they effectively believe that divorced and remarried Catholics should be punished for their failed marriages and for seeking happiness with a new spouse. They cling to the notion that all second marriages (without the benefits of annulments) result in adulterous unions which makes the reception of Holy Communion sacrilegious in total disregard of the many years of marital faithfulness that husbands and wives in second marriages may have experienced. (emphasis added)

In other words, Msgr. Garrity reduces the infallible teaching of the Church to a mere mistaken notion that fails to see some alleged goodness in what he assumes isn't adultery.

He continues, asserting, "It is ludicrous to assert that divorced couples who have found love and fidelity with new spouses are still recognized by the Church as being married to their former spouses after the passage of many years."

This despite the Catechism of the Catholic Church's stating: "The love of the spouses requires, of its very nature, the unity and indissolubility of the spouses' community of persons."

Apparently rejecting the first spiritual work of mercy and the fact that true pastoral charity is rooted in truth, he calls it "untenable (and disrespectful)" to alert people living in adulterous unions of the gravely sinful nature of their situation.

"Moreover," he states, "the Church's current prohibition regarding the reception of Holy Communion by divorced and remarried couples would seem to be at odds with the consistent teaching of the Gospel about love, forgiveness and mercy."

Cardinal Sean O'Malley with Msgr. Garrity

Monsignor Garrity then laments that some people opt to leave the Church, according to him, "because the official teaching of the Church makes them feel unwelcome."

Next, presuming the agreement of the Holy Father, he writes:

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Pope Francis finds enough support at the Synod to do something dramatic about these difficult situations! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could welcome people in second or third marriages to join us at the eucharistic table, if they so desire! Isn't this what real evangelization needs to be about in the 21st century!

Concluding the piece, he ends with a prayer in which he asks the Holy Spirit to help "Synod bishops to put aside their fears about change and respond with common sense to the plight of our brothers and sisters who long to nourish their faith on the Bread of Life, the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus!"

This is not the first offense against the Church's Magisterium for which Msgr. Garrity is guilty. He's already been featured for rebuke by Michael Voris' Vortex, after he wrote a letter in his parish bulletin last year where he placed homosexual "families" on the same level as the Holy Family. Drawing such a blasphemous parallel garnered the objections of many faithful Catholics, reportedly leading to his having to issue a follow-up correction. reached out to the archdiocese of Boston for a statement on the matter but did not receive a reply in time for publication.


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