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News: Crisis in the Church
by Simon Rafe  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  August 17, 2016   

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It's been a while, but "Case Files" — our Premium show detailing abuses common in the liturgy of the modern Church — is back. Last season, we opened up 13 cases of liturgical abuse and malpractice, explaining why they were a problem and (we hope) giving you the tools to combat them. Of course, we saved the best (or worst) for last: The 13th episode addressed the most significant abuse and the one so many other abuses fall from — Communion in the hand. And because of the seriousness of that abuse, the second season exclusively focuses on it.

But it doesn't focus simply on what the abuse is and why it is a problem. Instead, "Case Files II: Manhandling God" addresses the how of Communion in the hand. Just how was this wholesale change in the ancient practice of the Church accomplished? It's not only glib, but also inaccurate, to blame it all on Vatican II. And it's not enough to blame it on inaction by popes and bishops; there was plenty of action, plenty of opposition to it. It is just that, at the end, the forces of orthodoxy and reverence for Our Eucharistic Lord were out-maneouvered by agents of darkness.

In truth, Communion in the hand is a distorted reflection of the Eucharist itself. As the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Catholic faith, both the foundation and the ultimate conclusion of it, so too is Communion in the hand the source and summit of so many of the liturgical abuses in the world today. It was not only the ultimate goal of the Protestant "Reformers" (and their heirs within the Church today), but also one of their first gambits in their attempt to destroy faith in the Real Presence. While many people might, at least initially, disagree and say it really doesn't matter how we receive the Eucharist, it's actually a really big deal.

And it is for this reason we've devoted not only the 13th episode of season one, but the whole of season two to it. This problem (and, make no mistake, it is a problem) is central to the goals of the Church of Nice, and overcoming and ending it is central to our mission here. Sign up for a Premium account if you haven't already and get ready over the next couple of months to have your eyes opened and jaws dropped as we reveal the evil machinations of the agents of darkness who promoted this abuse.

But for now, as a special treat, enjoy the first episode gratis. We've worked hard on it, and we hope you like it.


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