Catholic Battle at Supreme Court

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by Church Militant  •  •  June 25, 2015   

When attorneys head into the courtroom of the US Supreme Court on Tuesday, another little-realized battle will also be waged

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Editor's note: This article was originally published here on April 28, 2015. We are republishing as part of Church Militant's ongoing "Surrender to Sodomy" coverage of the imminent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on same-sex "marriage."

WASHINGTON, DC, April 28, 2015 ( – When attorneys head into the courtroom of the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 to try and convince justices to see things their way on the question of homosexual “marriage,” another little-realized or publicized battle will also be waged: each of the opposing attorneys is a baptized Catholic. Moreover, a clear majority — six of the nine justices on the Court — are Catholic.

This case is, in many ways, reflective of the war that has been waged within the Church over Catholic identity for the past 50 years.

Arguing for the traditional understanding of marriage to be kept intact is the well-respected 43-year-old John Bursch, who has argued before the High Court numerous times and has an impressive record of success. His record is nearly perfect.

John Bursch

Bursch is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He's married, the father of five children and former president of the Grand Rapids Chapter of Legatus, a Catholic organization of successful Catholic business professionals.

On the other side of the courtroom, his opposition will be 53-year-old Mary Bonauto, “married” to her lesbian lover and with whom she shares custody of twin daughters.

The Newburgh, New York native is best known for being lead counsel in the case that resulted in Massachusetts becoming the first state to legalize same-sex marriage in 2004: Goodridge v. Department of Public Health. Bonauto, raised Catholic, also formulated and led the first strategic challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA.

So while all the attention will be on the case at hand, and whether states can ban marriage for same-sex-attracted couples in the face of the 14th Amendment, playing in the background will also be the battle between how two opposing visions of Catholicism have brought each of these successful lawyers to where they now stand.

One, a Mass-attending father of five children from a traditional family, who accepts the Church's teachings whole-heartedly.

Mary Bonauto

The other, a lesbian in a lesbian “marriage” raising twin daughters, who utterly rejects the tenets of her childhood faith and has championed the cause of sodomite rights for most of her career.

The homofascist movement officially holds up Bonauto as an “icon,” having presented her with an award saying so. The lawyer who argued successfully before the Supreme Court to overturn DOMA said of Bonauto, “No gay person in this country would be married without Mary Bonauto.”

Given the deep polarization in the Catholic world between tradition and the heresy of modernism, it seems fitting that the most socially, culturally and theologically divisive case to be argued before the Court in decades should come down to two baptized Catholics with their radically differing lives when it comes to the Faith: one faithful, the other unfaithful.

That such a case could come to pass is a testimony to the wrecking ball the Church has endured these past 50 years in the lives of the baptized, and a further testimony to the total lack of regard of the US hierarchy as the wrecking ball was allowed to do its damage.

If the cause for homosexual marriage prevails in the High Court, it will have been brought about at the hands of an apostate Catholic, arguing her case before six Catholic justices, and defeating a faithful Catholic opposing attorney. The triumph of Americanist-Catholicism, so strongly warned against by Pope Leo XIII, will have been made complete.

The persecution that will then be let loose against the Church will have been engineered by sons and daughters of the Church betrayed by their leaders as children, and who will have returned as vengeful and angry adults.

Two baptized Catholic lawyers and six Catholic justices out of nine hold the fate of an entire nation's future in their hands. Owing to the damage the Faith has endured these last decades, the ruling is anyone's guess.


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