Catholic Climate Covenant Director Is Member of Online Pro-Abortion Group

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by Church Militant  •  •  December 14, 2016   

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By Michael Hichborn

On December 3, the Catholic Climate Covenant (CCC) made headlines by equating climate change with abortion. Sarah Spengeman, the director of programs for CCC told the San Diego Union-Tribune, "It's clear that climate change is a pro-life issue." She added, "If we want to leave our children an inhabitable earth, if we have a responsibility to the unborn, we have a responsibility to act on climate."

Abortion is an intrinsically evil act whereas man-made global climate change isn't even settled science. But while there has already been plenty of online discussion regarding this equivocation, the real question is:

"Why is someone who supports women's 'ordination,' same-sex 'marriage,' and is an online member of a group dedicated to the election of pro-abortion politicians speaking on behalf of the Catholic Church and attempting to call-out pro-lifers on anything?"

According to Spengeman's Linkedin profile, she is a member of the EMILY's List Linkedin group. The only stated mission of EMILY's List is this: "We elect pro-choice Democratic women to office." So, its sole purpose for existing is to place pro-abortion women in public office. It's important to note here that one does not simply click a button to become a member of the Emily's List Linkedin group. In order to become a part of the Emily's List Linkedin group, the individual has to request to join the group and then be approved for membership.


But Spengeman's association with a stridently pro-abortion organization isn't the only issue. Sarah Spengeman was a signatory on Amici Curiae submitted to the Supreme Court by the Human Rights Campaign, endorsing same-sex "marriage." On March 3, 2015, the Human Rights Campaign announced that it submitted a "people's brief" with more than 200,000 signatures in support of same-sex "marriage." In volume 1 of the brief, it states:

The Human Rights Campaign, the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the United States, together with more than 200,000 Americans from across this country, respectfully submit this brief as amici curiae in support of Petitioners. Amici have come together for the sole purpose of urging the Court to reverse the Sixth Circuit's judgment below.

The brief then argues that the 6th Circuit Court's decision against same-sex "marriage" in DeBoer v. Snyder should be overturned.

Sarah Spengeman's name is provided on page 475 of volume 5 of the Human Rights Campaign's Amici Curiae.


Given this, it's no surprise that on facebook, Spengeman "likes" dozens of pro-homosexual and pro-women's ordination groups and stridently pro-abortion politicians.

For instance, Spengeman "likes" the following pro-homosexual organizations: New Ways Ministry, DignityUSA, Equally Blessed, Dignity Washington, Capital Pride, People of Faith for Equality in Virginia, OneWestmont: LGBT & Allied Alumni, Cuesta College Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), NO H8 Campaign, Human Rights Campaign, and Lambda Legal.


Her "likes" of pro-women's ordination groups include: Women's Ordination Worldwide, FutureChurch, Future Church, Call to Action, and Roman Catholic Women Priests.


In addition to "liking" pro-abortion activists like Gloria Steinam and Sandra Fluke, Spengeman's "likes" of politicians are exclusively pro-abortion. Her pro-abortion politician "likes" include (among many others) Wendy Davis, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Tim Kaine, Bernie Sanders, Barbara A. Mikulski, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Rosa DeLauro.


Once again, there can be no equating the murder of preborn children with stewardship of the earth. While it can be said that the reckless poisoning of water supplies, soil and air are sins against our neighbors, it is not tantamount to murder or sins against nature, like abortion and sodomy. Sarah Spengeman's finger-wagging at pro-lifers is the very height of hypocrisy, and given her background, the only thing she accomplished is to discredit the Catholic Climate Covenant.

Originally published at the Lepanto Institute.


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