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by Trey Blanton  •  •  June 16, 2021   

Lobbyists misuse Catholic authority

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In Maryland, Democrats in the legislature are using the abortion industry's word-play tactics to promote promiscuity and death in public schools. Catholics in the Old Line State didn't lose the fight against evil — they joined the pro-aborts. Church Militant's Trey Blanton digs into the details to reveal the bishops' complicity.

The Maryland Catholic Conference's so-called pro-life advocate, Molly Sheahan, teamed up with the radical abortion organization NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland's executive director, Diana Philip, who pushed for a so-called education bill, saying, "Normally, only 40% of teen moms finish high school, and we also know that half of the females in our country who drop out and one-third of the males report that becoming a parent was the major factor."

The law's stated intention is to educate and support pregnant and parenting students. It takes effect on July 1. The bill does not specify who will educate students in public schools.

Laura Bogley, legislation director for Maryland Right to Life, testifies, "Without specific exclusionary language, policy development to improve the educational outcome of pregnant students will likely include taxpayer funding for the increased promotion of and access to abortion. The abortion industry has long been entrenched in Maryland's schools and school policy development."

According to, Sheahan worked as a "human dignity consultant" to the archdiocese of Los Angeles. In California, Planned Parenthood has become the so-called educator of students on sexuality and pregnancy in over 50 schools.

Bogley warns the gate is now open in Maryland: "You will not find any bills, delegate, this year, introduced that have the term 'abortion' in them. The abortion industry does not advertise that terminology. It refers to pregnancy, prenatal care, educational outcomes — it will not say 'abortion.'"

Catholics are being represented in state legislatures by little-known staffers with no magisterial authority who advocate for laws detrimental to the laity.

Sheahan didn't respond as to whether the bishops' conference would oppose abortionists being able to teach in the public school system.

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