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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  January 20, 2022   

Aleteia joins the tech inner circle

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It's no secret wealthy elites like Klaus Schwab, who invented The Great Reset, and George Soros have strategically partnered with global media outlets and Big Tech to realize their vision for the world

In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Kristine Christlieb focuses on a Catholic media outlet that has gone over to the dark side.

Russell Brand, comedian, actor and radio host: "Hold on a minute. Facebook has called in independent arbiters to fact-check the information that's allowed to go up on Facebook, specifically about vaccines."

A France-based Catholic news aggregator has entered the shady world of fact-checking.

Catholic news outfit Aleteia is using funding from Google's COVID-19 Counter-Misinformation Open Fund to launch

Aleteia also takes funding from the likes of George Soros and Bill Gates.

Sources report the site also enjoys a close collaboration with the Vatican Department of Communication as well as the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization.

Aleteia's deals in COVID information, promoting the so-called vaccine and suppressing stories from conservative Catholic journalists. 

Aleteia is the brainchild of French publishing magnate Vincent Montagne, whose family formed Média-Participations in 1986.

The company acquired struggling Christian publishing operations and is now the fourth-largest publisher in France. 

Church Militant's Rome correspondent Jules Gomes: "Aleteia has boots on the ground. They publish in many, many, many languages and so in terms of pushing the vaccine, they can be hugely influential."

In 2008, Montagne co-founded Foundation for Evangelization Through the Media (FEM). 

Potentially well-intentioned, FEM underwrote Aleteia for the purpose of marrying Catholic culture with the exploding world of technology and social media. 

The site's cooperation with Google's COVID watchdog efforts is just one more piece of the puzzle strongly suggesting the Vatican's ties to Big Tech and its promotion of the so-called COVID vaccine. 

Jules Gomes:

I came across this tweet where a certain Fr. Alberto Carrara, who belongs to the Legionaries of Christ, was attacking the Vaticanist Edward Pentin for writing a story on the dangers of the jab to young children. Carrara called Pentin's article fake news and pointed readers to And he provided the link, and I looked it up. The moment I checked where they were getting their funding from, I was taken aback because big money, really big money, millions, was coming in from Google. 

FEM has had a sporadic presence in the United States. It began filing nonprofit tax returns in 2012.

The network of elites in cahoots with Aleteia is expanding worldwide. 

Aleteia's Vincent Montagne also serves on the board of the Magnificat Foundation.

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